Positano and Praiano: what to visit

When you talk about the coast Bell, it is impossible not to mention its most famous points of interest. It is the case of Positano and Praiano, whose names evoke in US sensations of fun and crystal clear sea.

To visit Positano, you need to have comfortable shoes and a lot of desire to walk. In fact, this place is crossed by steps and alleys that make it so particular. It is a piece of history aggregated on itself, whose complexity makes it so fascinating.

What to visit in Positano: a bit of history

Although it does not have many places of historical interest to offer like other locations, it remains one of the most spectacular destinations you can visit. Positano is life, colors, walks along the pier, let yourself be captured by the rocky headlands that spill over the sea… is a postcard, among the best in Campania.

One of the places you should definitely stop is the church of Santa Maria Assunta, where you will have the opportunity to admire the colorful majolica dome. Within it, a visit to the black Byzantine Madonna with the child is a must. The latter is in fact a symbol of Positano, which owes its name.

The beaches of Positano: Prefer the Fornillo, less touristy

Positano is a kind of maze. As a beach, we suggest you head to Fornillo. The big Beach boasts a wider expanse, but it is targeted by tourists. Fornillo, however, will allow you to live at most a day of rest, sunbathing and getting caught by the beautiful waters.

As for Praiano, here is undoubted the beauty of its sunset, so much so that it has the name of being the most fascinating of the entire coast bell. Praiano offers a sunset so romantic to attract thousands of tourists to the usual time, focused on enjoying the moment and the spectacle that the sky offers. You can also admire the beautiful Capri in the background.

Praiano is located halfway between Capri and Positano. In the bay there is the fountain of the altar, a natural swimming pool located near the mouth of a cave. Here it is not so unusual to witness the dives of the bravest! You could try it too.

The wonders of Praiano: romantic sunsets and colorful houses

Like Positano, the center of Praiano also offers really interesting and magnificent walks. Here you can discover the votive newsstands decorated in majolica; They are very frequent in the village. Families built them to receive divine protection. They also assured the inhabitants of Praiano that they were the owners of the place.

Praiano is a different place from the other best known. Contrary to them, he never succumbed to the fascination of tourism. It is a place that, yes, has many visitors, but does not offer those trendy places that attract a certain type of tourists. Let's say that Praiano is dedicated to those who love to walk, to be touched by the wind and admire the typical beauties of Campania.

Here you can breathe the true air bell; You can observe the fishermen in the morning, you can eat the famous Santarosa, forerunner of the Neapolitan Sfogliatella. And, above all, you can let yourself be swept away by amazing sunsets.

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