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Turismo Campano è una guida turistica dedicata interamente alla Regione Campania, alle sue bellezze culturali, enogastronomiche, naturalistiche e paesaggistiche.

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Sannio European Wine Capital 2019

The municipalities of Castelvenere, Guardia Sanframondi, Sant’Agata dei Goti, Solopaca and Torrecuso win the coveted award With the candidacy of the territory ‘Sannio Falanghina’, the five municipalities of the Beneventano were awarded by Recevin, the Community Network of 800 Wine Cities. Since 2012, Recevin has …

Discovering the most beautiful gardens in Campania

Quiet and nature anti-stress remedies. We are looking for gardens where to spend free time surrounded by trees and flowers Work and daily routine weaken not only the body but especially the mind. Finding places to relax becomes essential to regenerate and to be able …

Famous Neapolitan traditions

In this article we will guide you to the major Neapolitan traditions. Naples is a city rich in history, art and culture, but its traditions are even more spectacular. Christmas, Carnival, San Gennaro… Naples is not only a thousand colors, but is able to excite …

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