The Wines of Caserta


Caserta is not known all over Italy for the splendid Bourbon Palace, but to be home to culinary delights and truly exceptional wines. Today we'll deepen specifically its vines and what are the wines to taste.

The wines you can taste in Caserta: Discover more about the Vines

We will also tell you the characteristics, divided by taste, smell and texture to the palate. There are two wines among all that evoke in us rather peculiar sensations: Falerno and Preprino. These two viticultures are among the oldest in Italy: Known and appreciated all over the world, it is really difficult not to have stumbled upon at least once in the life in this wine.

The Casertan tradition originates from antiquity: its wines have a precise history and it is the same for centuries. It has never undergone any changes whatsoever and, moreover, the "more" that gives the wine the decisive taste is the volcanic soil.

The land of Caserta is perfect for the cultivation of grapes

Cultivating Vines is one of the greatest passions of the peasants of Caserta. Here, through knowledge and wisdom, we really create some rare wines in the world. The most used grapes of the Territory are the following: Aglianico, Primitive, Greek, Falanghina, Fox's Tail, black Pallagrello, Pallagrello Bianco, Caputo and Piedirosso.

  • The "Aversa": Vino DOC. To introduce the best, we can tell you that Louis Pierrefeu, the cellar of the court of Robert of Anjou, said that the land around the Caserta was perfect for planting the vines. In this way, the Angevin court was able to secure the best sparkling wines of the whole area. Its colour is straw yellow, it can present some green reflections. It has a very fruity smell, while the texture to the palate is the perfect combination between the dry and the fresh;

We have the Aversa, the Falerno of the Mass and the Gabby

  • Aversa wooded: This wine is also very characteristic. The color is a straw that varies depending on the maturation. The smell and the taste is similar to the Aversa, or a fruity aroma with hints of dry and characteristic;
  • This is impossible to mention. It is probably one of the most appreciated sparkling wines in the world, since the distant Angevin era. The production is only in Caserta and Naples. The color is very intense, while the smell is almost fine, a unique elegance. On the palate, you can feel very fresh notes;

Excellent proposals of red, white, rosé and primitive

  • Falerno of the Mass: we can quote three types of this wine, that is the white, the red and the primitive. All three are really good and have a very rare blend purity. Of course, you can also buy the reserves;
  • Gabby: Like the Falerno of the mass, we are faced with three other tripologie, but this time there is no primitive. For the Gabby, in fact, are available a white, a rosé and a red. Also in this case there are the reserves.

Currently, the wineries authorised for the production of DOC wines registered in Caserta and environs are more than 50. Each one offers a very special tasting course.

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