Sorrento: What to see


To the only mention Sorrento, we come to mind of the dream holidays, a destination so coveted as to be considered among the best present in Campania. It is probably the most known resort of the Sorrento coast.

What you can admire in the beautiful Sorrento

Its landscape is able to take your breath away, so much is the beauty to which we can attend: the views, the gardens, the citrus groves, the exceptional coast… we can not but mention its old town.

Here in Sorrento you can breathe a really magical air, made of nights spent along the center, to drink an aperitif in the trendy rooms. Or, still, you can eat the real Neapolitan pizza, observing the sea and let yourself be conquered by the enchanting delicacies Sorrento.

Between historic architecture and the ancient tradition of inlay and lace, Sorrento is a very important piece of history of Campania. Everyone knows her and everyone wants to visit her at least once in their life.

Here is a list of places not to be missed: from the valley to the church of San Francesco

Of Sorrento, we can hear in the songs, in the poems: it is known as the homeland of the Sirens. It is practically impossible what to tell you to view. We can, as always, leave you a list of typical places.

  • Vallone dei Mulini: It seems to be catapulted into a spectacular scenery. The rift in the rock is traced back to 35,000 years ago. Probably, the Walloon is the consequence of the eruption occurred in the Flegrei fields. Then, the erosion of the rocks has taken its course, making this place particularly suggestive. Inside Sorrento, there are four other valleys, but this is the best kept. Its name is derived from the presence of the mill, of which we can still admire the remains;
  • Church of San Francesco: Located near the Villa Comunale, here you can visit the complex of St. Francis of Assisi. There are the church, the cloister and the monastery. It has been restored over time to keep the façade and interiors in a flawless way. During the summer, the cloister is home to numerous artistic and cultural events, such as concerts, exhibitions and expositions. Not missing what to do in Sorrento;

The famous Piazza Tasso and the best beaches of Sorrento

  • Square Rate: Here we can discover the pulsating heart of Sorrento. It is famous all over the world and everyone dreams of walking around and admiring the Sorrento beauties. Lively and colourful, it owes its name to its most illustrious citizen, Torquato Tasso. There are many buildings in the square, the Casa Chandra (famous Majolica Courtyard), the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine and the Grand Hotel Vittoria. Take a nice walk, buy a slice of lemon cake and sit down in the many outdoor bars to fully experience the Sorrento magic;
  • Marina Grande and Marina Piccola: After having talked about art and culture, we could not refrain from mentioning its most famous beaches, in addition to the Baths of Queen Margaret. After all, on summer days it is impossible not to dive into the Sorrento Sea. The beaches are clean and the sea is so blue and clear to make us feel at the border with the sky.

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