Wine Taurasi DOCG


What is TAURASI?

Of Samnite origins, the municipality of the green Irpinia which gives it the name dominates the whole valley of the warmth. This wine, whose fame has crossed the national borders, is derived from the best grape of antiquity, one of the most prestigious Italian wine, Aglianico: Clusters of medium size, cylinder-conical shape, round berries and blue color. Introduced in Magna Graecia since the foundation of Cuma, such precious "Hellenic life" gives very different wines depending on the places where it is cultivated and here certainly offers an excellent interpretation of its qualities. At present it is vinified with the most modern technologies, but always respecting the tradition, so it is one of the very few Italian wines which foresees an ageing (obligatory) of three years, of which
One in chestnut or oak casks. After four years of ageing, it can qualify as a "reserve". The demand for Taurasi coming from abroad is constantly growing, especially from the wineries and flagship restaurants in the United States, Japan, England, Switzerland and Germany.

Production area: Taurasi and seventeen municipalities, in the province of Avellino.
Type of wine: quiet meal.
Minimum gradation: 12 °.
Color: Intense garnet red (which buys orange reflections with aging).
Bouquet: Pleasant, ethereal, intense.
Taste: dry, full. Harmonious.
Optimum Age: from 4 to 8 years.
Serve at 18-20 °, with red meat, game and spit-roasted game, seasoned cheeses.

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