What to visit in Avellino

centro storico Avellino

Avellino is one of the most visited Italian cities of recent years. Its history begins in the 3rd century and comes to the present day; The artistic and cultural heritage of Avellino is famous all over the world. Tourists who come to Campania can only be captivated by the hamlet of Irpinia, learning new uses and customs of the various eras.

Guide on what to visit in Avellino

Thanks to our mini guide, you will always know what to do if you are in Avellino.

Besides, of course, the great classics of Avellino, such as the Duomo, the sanctuary of Montevergine, the clock tower and the fountain of Bellerophon, we would like to recommend four places of interest that are seldom mentioned, but which are equally important.

  • Obelisk to Charles II of Habsburg: Among the most characteristic places to visit, the obelisk is signposted. It was erected in 1668 in honour of Charles II of Habsburg; Only three years before, Charles II had become the King of Spain at the age of four years. It was the Caracciolos, the Lords of the Great palaces of Avellino of the time, to commission together at the University a monument that could honor the history of Charles. In full Baroque style, you can admire the young prince, who at the time of his portrayal was seven years old. The mystery, however, surrounding the medallion placed at the base of the obelisk is still very much debated by historians: it could represent either Prince Francesco Maria Caracciolo or the sculptor Cosimo Fanzago;

A visit to the Lombard Castle: Restoration works are underway

  • Lombard Castle: Unfortunately, the great glory of the Lombard castle we can only read, because, to date, it has not been possible to complete the intervention of total reconstruction. However, conservation and restoration work is currently underway. The Lombard castle is a ruin, fascinating, of course, but historically it is a great loss. Built during Lombard domination, it was always intended for the use of feudal lords. Hundreds of battles are historically recorded here; Among the most famous, we can quote the siege of Alfonso of Aragon in 1436. The castle suffered a severe blow, until the total destruction, in the War of the Spanish Succession. The Caracciolos lived here; Their fixed abode later became the Noble Palace located at Piazza della Libera;
  • Palazzo De Conciliaryis: This place is worth visiting especially if you are a literature lover. The palace was ordered by the family De Conciliaryis; Here he found to sleep, think, Victor Hugo, when he was eight years old and was visiting Avellino with his father. Today it is possible to visit it and has become the research centre ' Guido Spine ', it hosts cultural and social associations, and it is also the seat of the municipal historical archives;

Avellino offers very important cultural centres: The city contains a secular history

  • Church of Santa Maria of Constantinople: Built during the ' 500, is seriously put at risk in the earthquake of 1732. Later, several renovations were carried out. There are two most beautiful frescoes inside the church: the Madonna with the Child and the Madonna with the Child in glory. A place not to be escaped and that deserves to be visited and deepened.

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