What to visit in Salerno

Salerno vista sul porto

Are you passing through Salerno?

This area is known as the point of passage to reach Amalfi, or the most famous destination of the beautiful Amalfi Coast. However, we advise you not to limit yourself to overtake Salerno, but to stop a day or two to know the beauties it offers.

Places of cultural and artistic interest in Salerno

The history of Salerno begins thousands of years ago. This beautiful city contains many places of cultural and artistic interest. Its heritage boasts castles, beaches and secret places that only the Salerno know.

Being so little visited, not in many know what Salerno has to offer, but we of tourism Campania we want to advise you of places not to be missed absolutely if you are passing in Salerno.

The city was populated by Etruscans, Normans, Lombards and Romans. The Lombards even made it their capital. You also need to know that the first medical school in the world was born here. In the botanical garden there are both plants and herbs: This is the first place that you should definitely not miss.

The Guide to visit Salerno: Here's what to see

In addition, both Pompeii and Herculaneum and the temples of Paestum are just a short distance from the city. As you will discover thanks to our guide, Salerno does not only mark the border point with the Amalfi Coast.

  1. Minerva's Garden: Located in the historic centre of Salerno, you will have the unique opportunity to visit the oldest botanical garden in the world. During the 11th century, it was the point of reference for students of the Salerno Medical School. The place is immersed in the green and we are sure you will love it. The garden of Minerva is the place par excellence where to have a long romantic walk. Moreover, at its highest point it offers a panoramic view of the city and the Salerno coast;
  2. Beach of Santa Teresa: We are at sea, after all. How not to mention the beautiful beach of Santa Teresa? Thanks to the recent renovation, there is a solarium in which to relax. It is located in the historic centre of Salerno;

The cathedral is one of the focal points of the city

  1. Salerno Cathedral: Before the bath, or after, we advise you to begin to know better historical center. Here you can witness the magnificence of the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Angels. Italy has always been dominated by different peoples. The Cathedral of Salerno is the artistic consequence of the passage of the Arabs, of the Normans… in full Romanesque style, the façade is the maximum expression of Baroque art;
  2. The archaeological complex of San Pietro a Corte: The historic center of Salerno not only offers the cathedral and the beach of Santa Teresa, but also palaces of the Lombard era, a Christian cemetery, the Roman Baths… how not to falling? Walking for life in the center, you will realize that the cultural and artistic heritage of the city is truly immense;
  3. Pompeii and Herculaneum: Pompeii is probably one of the most popular points of interest by tourists from all over the world. The city was destroyed as a result of the eruption of Vesuvius. Even the nearby Herculaneum suffered the same tragic fate. Both are about 30 km from the city centre and are certainly worth a thorough visit.

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