What to visit in Benevento

There is a lot to say about the city of Benevento. This place has a very important history for Campania and Italy. Benevento has been the seat of many battles, has seen the succession of many peoples, and each of them has left a trace in what is a real city of art.

In ancient times, Benevento was known as the term of the bad eventum. It was the Romans who bucklinged this name to the city, after the defeat by the Sunni, who for a long lived in the province.

Benevento: Here's a little bit of its history

Another of the reasons why Benevento is so well known is because it has always been regarded as the city of witches. A number of witch trials have been held here in the dark times; It is still rumored that these last ones are found near a tree at the gates of the city.

In addition to the urban legends and history, Benevento offers very many cultural and historical attractions. Its artistic heritage is renowned and appreciated by tourists. If you are reading this article, however you will be wondering what places to visit in the city, or what not to miss.

We advise you to start from the old Town, where the main story of this city winds. The first place to visit is certainly the inevitable Duomo, whose construction dates back to the 12th century. You think during the bombing of 1943, it was destroyed.

The Duomo: One of the most interesting points of the city

Another point of interest is the Campanile: the latter was built around 1279. Besides this, you can also head to the Diocesan Museum: Here are the fragments of the central gate of the Duomo that were destroyed during the Second World War. The Life of Christ is depicted in the fragments.

Always inside the cathedral, you can visit the crypt: Inside there are some really beautiful frescos.

Impossible not to mention is also the Capitular library, which contains parchments, Antifonari and medieval codes.

Speaking of Benevento, it is imperative to mention the Roman theatre, whose construction was requested by the Emperor Hadrian. It is well preserved and is home to numerous artistic and cultural events. It is present, of Roman origin, also the arch of Trajan: the latter was erected to celebrate the extension of the Via Appia, which connected Benevento and Brindisi.

Here's what to see in Benevento

Other places of interest are the following:

  • Church of Hagia Sophia: It was an ancient Benedictine abbey. It was the Lombards who contributed to his training. Inside, there are many frescoes dating back to the 8th century;
  • Museo del Sannio: Near the Church of St. Sophia, it was opened in 1873. His task was to collect all evidence of the passage of the Samnite.

Benevento is not only history and culture. The city opens to its tourists also from the night point of view. You can let yourself be conquered by the Trattorias or the nightclubs that open in the evening to allow anyone to relax.

The shopping street is also great, which is the main city.

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