What to eat in Avellino

The Avellino cuisine boasts many traditional dishes; Some are quite popular, while others are known only to local people. However, if you are in the vicinity of Avellino and are intrigued by their culinary tradition, there are some recipes that you should definitely taste. Or, why not, you could prepare the dishes yourself, making sure you have some fresh products and ingredients.

The typical dishes of Avellino

In Campania, we eat quite well: from pizza to the first dishes and sweets, a tourist never goes away dissatisfied, indeed. Many of the dishes we are going to list are real delicacies that should not be lacking in the culinary baggage of people.

A very interesting aspect is how to re-elaborate region in region in Italy certain dishes. Depending on the availability of the products offered by the territory, each recipe is transformed into something typical.

Braised meat, lasagna, fusilli, pizza and Panzarotti: A wide range of flavors

In the case of Avellino you can find a pizza very different from the one you have tasted in Naples. Even the ingredients are different, but just as good. We will also talk about a typical dessert, not to be missed, and the famous stuffed lasagna, typical of the southern regions.

  • Braised Avellino: This dish is very tasty. The veal is made to macerate in green pepper, red pepper and black pepper. We proceed with a simmering heat. It is an explosion of flavors for the palate;
  • Stuffed Lasagna: One of the typical dishes of the Avellino cuisine and in general of Campania is the padded lasagna, very different from the classic Bolognese. Its filling is of meat sauce, boiled eggs, mozzarella, ricotta, sausage and grated cheese;
  • Fusilli Avellinesi: These special Fusilli are strictly handmade, with semolina flour. They are accompanied with a sauce of ragout, fried meat balls, basil and a sprinkling of pecorino cheese;
  • Ricotta Pizza; Being in Campania, we could not find the pizza! The great classic of regional cuisine in Avellino is proposed in a more rustic form, prepared with wheat flour. The condiment is made from ricotta cheese, sausage or ham and eggs. A calorie bomb to taste!

The famous Santa Lucia's children: The Soup to warm up in winter

  • Santa Lucia's Children: if you find yourself in Avellino during the festive period at Santa, you can enjoy one of the most special typical dishes ever. Saint Lucia, also, the patron saint of Avellino. This soup is prepared with a mixture of cereals and legumes, in addition to garlic and peppers. A dish to warm up and to lick his mustache;
  • Panzarotti: As in the case of pizza, we can not but mention these rustic trousers. Also in this case, the condiment is of cheese, eggs and ricotta;
  • Spantorrone: So far we have listed a variety of savory dishes, but do not miss the sweet in Avellino! This cake is very special: a nougat wrapped in the sponge cake, which is soaked in rum and liquor. A treat!

We are sure that you will never want to leave Avellino after enjoying his cooking!

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