What to eat in Salerno

Zizzona di Battipaglia

Salerno is a magical city. Beyond the artistic and cultural heritage, if you are passing through the city, you can enjoy its dishes and the old recipes. The reason to eat in Salerno is very simple. Like every city in the Campania region, after all, it boasts a list of dishes and typical products really important.

Thanks to its delicacies, Salerno cuisine is a fabulous sensory experience. The city marks the boundary between the famous Amalfi Coast and the Cilentina coast: This means that in Salerno you will have the opportunity to try and get to know both kitchens.

How is the kitchen Salerno?

The Salerno cuisine obviously takes many influences from Neapolitan cuisine. However, it is not even fair to think that it is only the classic Neapolitan kitchen. In fact, the city and the province enjoy excellent culinary fame.

Salerno's food and wine identity is very precise and offers truly exceptional products. Many of the recipes we're going to list have found their fortune lately thanks to social networks: this is the case of the now famous Zizzona of Babu, very shared by the Facebook page of Casa sural.

Ready to lick your mustache? Follow our guide and you will not be disappointed with the passage into the city; There list both typical dishes, and the dessert that you will find more often in bars.

What are the typical dishes of the city of Salerno?

  • Lemon Delight: Thanks to the nearby Amalfi, Salerno has the possibility to ask for fresh lemons, the best in Italy along with those offered by the neighbouring Sicily. This cake was invented in 1978 by Carmine Mae in Sorrento. The interior is in sponge cake and is stuffed with lemon cream. We assure you that it is sensational;
  • The Zizzona of Babu: We have named it before and it is impossible not to taste at least once in your life. This great buffalo mozzarella has a soft heart inside. It is usually accompanied only by oil and toast;
  • The pizza "Carmine": Yes, we are near Naples. After all, Campania is famous all over the world for its pizza. In Salerno, however, pizzas are churning out very different from nearby Naples; The most famous pizza here is called Carmine. Its ingredients are tomato, bacon diced, mozzarella and basil. Who has tasted it ensures that this pizza is an explosion of flavors: it will simply fall in love with its texture. The Salerno pizza is thin and has a high cornice, as the tradition implies;

Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful Salerno cuisine:

  • The suppressed of joys: we cannot but appoint this salami. Originally from Cilento, it is larded with a slat of lard. The production of the suppressed is identified in the country of the god Jupiter. It is normally served in the most famous trattorias of the city centre as an appetizer, along with local cheeses, such as buffalo mozzarella and milk cherries;
  • The Meveza Mbuttunata; This dish is especially prepared during the feast of St. Matthew. It's nothing but the padded spleen at the Salerno. You can order it along the trucks along the way: it is the street food par excellence Salerno.

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