What to eat in Naples

cosa mangiare a Napoli - pizza napoletana

There is a famous saying: See Naples and then die. Well, the beauty of the city is indisputable: Naples boasts a history so powerful and glorious as to echo all over the world. Its artistic and cultural heritage is very important, but do we want to mention the splendid Neapolitan cuisine?

How to forget about her? In fact Naples was born the most famous food in the world: pizza. In every remote corner of our land, you can find a pizza retailer after all.

The most famous dishes of the Neapolitan culinary tradition

Of course, it is not nearly as good as the one prepared by the Neapolitan pizza makers, but the fame of the pizza has spread all over the world, immediately.

If you are in Naples, you must know that there is not only her waiting for your stomach! The Neapolitan excellences are among the best in the world: pastry, baba, buffalo mozzarella, this is just an appetizer of what you might find in this wonderful city.

Do you already have a mouth water?

The final gastronomic path

Here is the gastronomic route that every tourist should do when visiting Naples:

  • Pizza: Well, we couldn't not put it in the first place. The pizza was invented in 1889, although this dish is surrounded by several mysteries. It seems that Raffaele Esposito was the first pizza maker in the world. He worked at Pizzeria Brandi. At that time, Margaret of Savoy was visiting Naples. To her you owe the name of the most famous pizza in the world: the daisy! However, lately the hypothesis has been that the pizza can look like the famous flower…
  • Friarielli: You can buy them also in northern Italy, but obviously their place of origin remains Campania. It seems that the term is related to the word frijere, fry. And, in fact, the Friarielli should be sauteed in a pan with a drizzle of oil, garlic and chilli. They are nothing short of fabulous. They are served together with sausages or pasta;

The origins of the Baba: France and Poland vie for the title, but in Naples has been improved

  • Baba: What to say? Although the origins of this heavenly food can also be linked to Poland, the Baba is one of the symbols of Naples. France also advances the hypothesis that the baba was invented by them. However, the dessert belongs in the right to the Neapolitan tradition, because during the nineteenth century it assumed the appearance with which we know it today;
  • Omelette and macaroni: In Naples is entitled the Primacy of durum wheat pasta. Even today, the best pasta are located in its territory. This dish, in which usually for its preparation is used spaghetti, is very famous. comes from the leftovers of the day before. In fact, among the ingredients we find advanced pasta, salami, cheese and eggs.
  • Pasta beans and mussels: if there seems to be a risky combination, you are mistaken. Probably, when you taste this dish, you will do the encore. The pasta is cooked in the beans, because it does not have to take stocky appearance. Along with the mussels, the taste is very decided and tasty. In the trattorias of the center is often the proposal of the day.

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