What to eat in Caserta

At the only hearing to name "Campania", many do not struggle to imagine the exquisite food that can be found in all the cities present inside. From Naples to Benevento, from Avellino to Caserta, if we go on holiday in Campania we are sure to be well.

This, after all, is a prerogative of all Italy: each region has always handed down family to family all its secrets and its magic recipes. We should not be surprised, therefore, if ours is a typically popular cuisine, made with freshly harvested ingredients.

If you are in Caserta and you are interested to know a little ' its culinary tradition, in this article we will guide you in a path of flavors and smells unmistakable: those of good food, street, fried but also healthy.

A traditional and poor cuisine

To know the foundations of the cuisine of Caserta, we must take a step back: Despite the presence of the Bourbons, the people have never "tasted" their wealth, indeed. The Caserta have had to undergo various steps of peoples over the centuries, from the Lombards to the Aragonese, which were the main reasons why was abandoned Casertavecchia, the medieval village placed at 400 meters altitude.

The cuisine of Caserta, therefore, meets the typical favours of the Earth: among these, we can find in fact the eggplants and tomatoes, among the vegetables most exploited by the Caserta. Besides the classic Parmesan, which here meets a reinterpretation different from Sicilian, is very famous buffalo mozzarella.

The latter is the food par excellence Campania, but we assure you that each city has its own way of making mozzarella and that the Caserta belongs to the best ever tried.

We can also find the hinges: famous broth, considered typical of the festive season or winter Sundays. We can mention the Friarielli, which are cooked with garlic, oil and chilli and the traditional soups of tradition.

The great classics of the cuisine of Caserta

A poor kitchen, as you can see, but of a unique goodness.

Another very interesting dish, always tied to the ground, is the omelette of wild asparagus. There are many trattorias that offer it as an exquisite appetizer, together with the most classic buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes with a bright red colour. Among the first dishes, we advise you to order a soup or to opt for one of the first made of Friarielli and sausage.

This variation can also be found on the pizza; A combination of decisive and strong taste. In fact, all the ingredients bind together giving a very special taste to the dish.

The black Pig is the symbol of the cuisine of Caserta in the world: a goodness

For second, we advise you to opt for the Black Pig Caserta: a real goodness. The latter is probably the symbol of the cuisine of Caserta. Among the ingredients, apart from the black pig from Caserta, there are savory ricotta, creamed milk, Pontecorvo pepper and pepper powder. Don't you already have a mouth water?

Even the sweets are fantastic, we can find the great classics of the kitchen Bell, from Sfogliatelle up to the Baba stuffed or served with cream and Nutella.

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