What to eat in Benevento

In Campania we eat impeccably and it is a thing known to all: tourists from all over the world storm the region and the dishes Campania are exported to celebrate their excellence. The pizza is probably the most famous dish in the world, and each country has made it an integral part of its culture.

Typical dishes of the Samnite tradition

A symbol of italianity, fascination and mystery, pizza is not the only dish in Campania that will make you lose your head. Today we want to talk about Benevento; Still today, it refers to its cuisine with the term "Samnite", for the importance that this people had in the capital.

The Samnite cuisine is mainly composed of typical and natural products, collected in the territory. Many of these dishes have been revisited over the centuries; They were handed down from their mothers to their daughters who would one day take care of the house.

Each Samnite recipe has a special taste, which is difficult to find in other types of kitchens. Benevento, after all, has suffered the invasion by many peoples, like the Lombards, the Romans, but the Sunni have left a decisive imprint, a bit like it was for Sicily with the Arabs.

What to eat in Benevento?

If you are passing through Benevento, you will have the opportunity to taste many first courses, which required in the past times a quick preparation and gave a lot of substance especially to those who took care of the fields.

We can say that the Samnite cuisine is almost a chemical kitchen: Each step must be performed perfectly, each ingredient provides a right dose, without which the dish would not be so good.

The kitchen is typically familiar. We start from the famous married soup, which in the variant of Benevento presents Pietraroja ham, salted pork, lard and chilli. It is a dish of the festivities, but not only: the Trattorias of the Centre offer it as first dish especially in winter.

Homemade Pasta and Caciocavallo: two delicacies

We pass to the famous fusilli, which are made strictly by hand, thanks to the help of the molten: they are seasoned with the ragout, and it is not that Bolognese. The Samnite sauce includes tomato sauce, meat chops and pecorino cheese from Zyl. Also very good pasta with cauliflower or lasagna with chickpeas, a variant that will delight you.

Among the second, the most famous dish is the Ammugliatielli, or the lamb innards seasoned with various aromas and spices. Among the delicacies with which to accompany the meat, we can quote:

  • fried or stuffed peppers;
  • Porcine mushrooms from the Mutri.
  • Fried artichokes of Pietralcina.

Impossible not to mention is the Caciocavallo silane D.O.P., which has a sweet or spicy flavor based on its maturation. Home to cheese, meat and pasta and tasty soups, Benevento, we are sure, will not disappoint you.

Wander around the center of the city: the many Trattorias present offer products of a certain thickness. Each ingredient is fresh, newly harvested or caught. Order a plate of Cecatielli and Pazzarielli, typical Samnite pasta made by hand. You will not regret it.

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