What to see in Avellino

Avellino falls under the law among the most interested places to visit in Campania. The list of monuments, churches and museums to visit is really long, being the very old area, of age-old importance. Avellino has over a thousand years of stories to tell you; For lovers of art and culture in general, the capital of the city is a decisive step in its cultural background.

What monuments to see in Avellino?

The first place we will talk about is the center of Avellino, where there are several noble palaces, which the buildings have succeeded in the various centuries of the city. We can quote Palazzo Caracciolo or Palazzo Cucciniello; The first was built during the ' 700, the second was closely linked to a Benedictine convent.

If you are in the surroundings of Piazza Amendola, you can see the clock tower. The latter is the best-kept construction in the city and is also a very emblematic figure for the Avellinesi, who take it as a point of reference. Its construction dates back to ' 600. It is considered a masterpiece of art; The origins of his birth are very dubious, but one thing is certain: its importance echoes over the centuries.

Avellino is full of cultural interest centers. Many tourists take an assault every year; A bit ' for the historical relevance, a little ' because Campania is the region preferred by tourists in summer, for the places it offers. Among the places of purely classical imprint, it is impossible not to mention the Provincial museum.

What's at the provincial Museum in the area: archaeological and modern

The entrance to the latter is totally free and promotes culture throughout Campania. In This beautiful place, you can read the ancient texts, which date back to the prehistoric period, as regards the Irpinia. You will also find the texts and documents of the Romanesque and Sannitico period. The Museum of the province of the hotel is located within the Palace of Culture, and branches in the following way:

  • Archaeological section: You will have the unique opportunity to observe artifacts and artefacts from prehistoric times up to Romana. There are many objects from the Neolithic era. A must not to be missed for lovers of archaeology;
  • Modern section: the latter shows handmade objects, such as porcelain and paintings, in the historical period between ' 600 and ' 800.

Being totally free, the museum is one of the most enriched cultural places of history of the city of Avellino. You will have the opportunity to inform you about its history and the birth of the city.

The fountain of the three Cannoli: Centuries of History and Bellerophon

The last advice we want to give you concerns the fountain of the three Cannoli. This historic monument of citizen interest is among the most beautiful pieces to see. Initially, this fountain was a watering-hole for horses; Later, it was decided to restore it and beautify it to become one of the symbols of Avellino.

The representation of the fountain of the three Cannoli has as protagonist Bellerophon in the action to kill the Chimera. You can visit the fountain in Via delle Puglie, not too far from the clock tower.

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