What to do in Avellino: mysterious and fascinating places

Avellino falls among the cities bells to visit absolutely, for the art and culture that infuses. Part of the hamlet Irpinia and founded by the Irpini, Avellino boasts a secular tradition and offers inside the historical monuments that everyone should go to see at least once in life.

Among the major places of interest, we could first appoint the Duomo of Avellino, located in the pulsating heart of the city. After Montevergine, which we'll talk about later, the Duomo is the second favorite place for tourists. Located in the old part of the city, known to most with the name of Hill of the Earth, the Duomo is extremely elegant and well maintained.

What to do in Avellino?

Numerous reconstructions were made over time to try and maintain its façade. Inside, you can visit the crypt, one of the oldest elements. The Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta and San Modesto (the latter being the patron saint of the city) contains architectural elements of the various eras; The last addition took place in the eighteenth century, in which primeggiava the Baroque style.

If you are around Avellino and are looking for something to do, we would definitely recommend going to Montevergine. This fascinating place is preceded by a long trek in contact with nature; It's worth it to get to the top because it offers an extremely privileged panoramic position. When you arrive at the top, you will have the opportunity to see the city of Avellino: a wonderful spectacle, to be done especially at sunset.

Montevergine in Avellino: a mystical experience

The sanctuary of the Madonna is present at the Montevergine. It rises here following the miraculous apparition of Our Lady; You can admire the famous painting, stormed by tourists from all over the world, asking in exchange for a favor. The picture is 4 meters high: an experience that really leaves something in the heart of visitors, who return every year or when they have the opportunity to come to Avellino.

After a long hike through the streets of downtown or to Montevergine, you need to eat something good. Remember that you are in Campania, one of the Italian regions that offers the most good food in the world. Although it is not in Naples, the city of origin of the pizza, even in Avellino it is possible to taste it in an excellent and delicious way.

Where to eat in Avellino

In the evening, we recommend you visit ' Da Ciccio to the Agora ', located in via Modesto del Galzo, 19/21. Just take a look at the pizzas and the menu offered by Ciccio to realize that you are not disappointed! Great for dinner, but also at lunch, depending on your needs.

For those who instead have a "refined" palate and are looking for a restaurant, we report ' Viva! Polichinelle ', located in via ring, 123, a Viva Hotel, also in Avellino. This restaurant offers excellent fish and meat solutions; Also, it's cheap and the quality of the products is sensational.

After all, you are in Campania, a region that uses both the fish and the meat to make its dishes truly exclusive. We hope to help you in your visit to this beautiful city.

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