Weekend in Avellino

To visit a city well, it is advisable to spend at least a weekend. The classic "Hit and run" Italian is one of the most popular holidays, especially because we have wonderful places, that allow us to discover always new attractions. Avellino is no exception: If you are considering spending a weekend in this location, below we will give you information on how to fill your time.

On Saturdays and Sundays they translate with fun and relaxation. Avellino is no exception and offers several places to see and discover, in search of its ancient origins and of its best kept monuments.

Of course, every tourist's first wish is to visit the historic centre of a city. In this respect, we Italians are very famous all over the world to offer wonders located right in the heart of the cities from secular history. In Avellino it is impossible not to dedicate a few hours to the rediscovery of its historical center, among churches, monuments and artisans ' shops where you can buy souvenirs.

A weekend in Avellino: Here's what to do

One of the first steps that we recommend is the Duomo. Here you can have breakfast in the surrounding bars, with a coffee and the excellent Bell pastry shop. The Duomo is located in the most ancient and important part of Avellino, known as the Hill of the Earth. The Duomo is consecrated to Santa Maria Assunta and San Modesto: The latter is the patron saint.

Among the buildings of historical interest that we suggest you to visit, always on Saturdays, is the Church of Santa Maria of Constantinople – rebuilt entirely after the earthquake of 1732 – and the ruins of the castle of Malik.

The Ragged Lake: a place of peace and relaxation for those who love nature

Obviously, speaking of Avellino, we can not refrain from advising you a visit to Montevergine, where you can make a prayer to the sanctuary of Our Lady. Here is a picture of Our Lady, 4 meters high. For those who want to immerse themselves in nature, we recommend a visit, maybe on Sundays, to the Ragged Lake.

The latter provides an equipped and structured part for any eventuality. You can rent a bike and take a tour of nature, think of taking a bath in the hottest seasons or indulging in the peace of the senses.

Do you prefer to go dancing on a Saturday night or a tasting route?

Avellino offers different solutions for tourists: Whether you are fond of trips or outings, or nightlife, here you will not be disappointed.

In the city there are several nightclubs, such as the Maeba Glam Club, where you can relax while listening to great music and having a cocktail. For those who are a lover of trattorias and restaurants, Avellino does not even sin in this. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful cuisine of the Campania, including pizzas, first courses and spectacular desserts.

Spending two days in Avellino and visiting its beauties will allow you to understand the history of this fascinating territory. The choice on how to set the holiday is only yours: Are you a lover of walks? The Ragged lake awaits you. Or do you prefer to make a tasting course of its delicacies?

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