Weekend in Benevento

This beautiful resort offers the opportunity to spend a weekend in the name of history, art, culture and entertainment. Obviously, let's not forget the good food that you can taste!

The Samnite capital boasts a centuries-old history: This place has been the crossroads of several peoples, but it was the Sunni that made it fascinating and rich in culture as we know it today. Benevento is the fifth largest capital of Campania, however it has far more ancient origins than the rest of the cities.

A weekend in Benevento? Here's what to do

Originally, we were able to know about the history books with the term of "miseventum", or the wind of bad luck: It was the Romans who gave them this name, for the defeats obtained by this people. Only following the victory of the Battle of Pirro, she returned to be called Benevento.

Spending a weekend in Benevento is ideal for tourists who like to go hunting for finds of Roman origins. For example, the Roman amphitheatre offers many shows, especially during the Saturday evening, where you can enjoy and spend a few hours in the name of fun.

Of course, it is obligatory to take a tour of its historical centre, where you can admire the Duomo and the Trajan's arch. Among the places of cultural interest, we suggest you to spend a few hours at the theatre: here there are the Teatro Comunale Vittorio Emanuele and Teatro De Simone. Keep an eye on their sites to find out what shows are in town at the time of your arrival. Besides these places, you can visit the Rocca dei Rectori, the church of Hagia Sophia and the Museo del Sannio.

Between art, history and fun

For those who like to walk and immerse themselves in nature, we recommend a visit to the Zoo delle Maitine, in the province of Benevento, near the Samnite Peach, in Via Fontana of the eye. There is also an area equipped to farm, where you will have the opportunity to stay in contact with the animals and to know their habits.

It is impossible not to be fascinated even by the Beneventan kitchen. Here you will taste products of the territory, especially connected to the land: it is a poor kitchen, of peasants and of breeding, but so good to lick the whiskers. Excellent is also the selection of wines strictly doc, as for example the Solopaca.

A tasting course where to taste the specialties Beneventane

If you spend a weekend in the city, you should know that Benevento is known above all to be close to the famous liqueur witch. The story that binds the witches to this wonderful city has seen her protagonist since the dawn of her birth: many of them used to meet in the surroundings of Benevento, near a tree, now known as their "seat".

We can not but mention the nightlife of Benevento: When the Sun Falls, the city is dressed in life and lights. The choices are up to you: You Can dance until late at night in a famous disco in the city, or choose to head towards a farm and try one of the many tasting routes in the area, including wines and great food with a homemade look.

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