White calf of the central Apennines IGP

Vitellone bianco

The protected Geographical indication "white calf of the central Apennines" refers to meat from bovine animals, males and females, exclusively of Chianina, Marche and Romagnola breeds, aged between 12 and 24 months. These breeds have in fact significant common morphological features such as: The apical black pigmentation (skin, manangan, tongue and palate, etc.), the white mantle that occurs Fromentino at birth and in the first three months of life, the somatic structure.

Common characteristics of quality are also: the particular precociousness (the typical age of slaughter is between 16 and 20 months), the characteristics of accretion, the yield to the slaughterhouse (62-64%), and the excellent quality of the meat that is lean, sapid and to Low cholesterol content.

The PGI "white calf of the central Apennines", the only denomination attributed to fresh beef in Italy, has in fact wanted to legitimize the value of the best Italian beef breeds with white mantle: Chianina, which has conquered Fame in the gastronomic world for the mythical "Florentine Beefsteak", the Marche, ancient breed of meat and work in the fields very widespread also in the interior areas of Campania, the Romagna, known for its meats of exceptional quality.

The "white calf of the central Apennines" IGP owes its reputation to the fine meats of the above breeds, particularly succulent, as well as nutrients and the superior commercial characteristics: bright red, fine grain, firm, firm and elastic at the same time, with small infiltrations of fat (white) that ply the muscle mass.

Qualities derived from the breed of the animal but also from the diet during the fattening period. The highly nutritious value of the meat of the "white Calf of the central Apennines" IGP is constituted by the high rate of proteins of high biological value, the low fat content (the average value of the PGI is 2%), the excellent iron content, in the form More easily absorbed by the body, and the good percentage of vitamins in group B. The livestock intended for the production of the PGI meat, identified and enrolled in the Herd books, is bred according to the rules prescribed by the production regulations and branded in focus.

The marking shall be carried out at the slaughterhouse by an expert appointed by the inspection body. The logo must be impressed on the surface of the carcase, in correspondence with the outer face of the 18 cuts of meat provided by the specification. The meat is placed on sale at the cut or in sealed packages and always in a contracted outlets that undertake to keep such products separate from the other meats.

The exceptional fame conquered in the kitchen by the meat of the "white Calf of the central Apennines" IGP does not need any other specifications: the tenderness and taste of the exquisite steaks, grilled or fried, roast, spit or baked, Boiled, of stew, recall only the goodness and value of ancient Italian food traditions.

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