Lemon Cream Liqueur or cremoncello (liqueur)

Lemon Cream Tourism CampaniaWhat is lemon cream liqueur?

The lemon-cream liqueur, in some areas also known as Cremoncello, is a variety produced in the Amalfi Peninsula, in the province of Salerno. This preparation is a variation of the famous limoncello of the coast with the addition of milk. Its final consistency is creamy and reaches an alcoholic rate of 30 °.

Although it is a variation of the traditional limoncello, even this lemon cream liqueur is entered in the list of traditional products. Instead, all the other recipes that use different processes or lemons from other areas of cultivation different from the Amalfi Peninsula are not.


The ingredients are readily available: lemons from the Amalfi Peninsula, alcohol 90 °, sugar, milk, cream and vanillin. Let's proceed with order.

Get the lemons of the Amalfi Coast and after having washed and dried, literally "peel" taking care to take only the yellow part of the rind and not the white part below.

Then soak the skins in alcohol. Afterwards, take a large enough container and remove the skins, and add a syrup prepared with water and sugar. At this point boil the milk with the sugar and when it is cooled add also this last liquid in the container. Finally, add unwhipped cream for sweets flavored with vanillin and mix everything well.

Transfer the liquor obtained in bottles and leave to rest for two months before consuming, even in the freezer.

Usually it is prepared in the House, but you can also buy from small companies that produce it in a handcrafted way using the best raw materials and respecting the original recipe. Before serving this liquor, if stored in the freezer, leave it a few minutes off.

Truffle liqueur (liqueurs)

Liqueur-TruffleWhat is the truffle liqueur or "R Tartufu"?

The black truffle liqueur has a light brown colour and has a very strong and aromatic taste. The traditional Campania is produced in the province of Avellino, using the black truffle of Bagnoli in the main ingredient. The village is located in the high valley of the river Heat which is renowned for the concentration of black truffles.


The liqueur is prepared using the black truffle of Bagnoli, pure alcohol at 90 ° and a syrup made from water and sugar. After the maceration time, the liquid is bottled and left to rest. Finally, it is filtered and put in new bottles ready to be tasted.

The final gradation is about 38-40 °.

Liquor Concert (liqueurs)

What is "Concerto" liquor?

The "Concerto" liqueur is produced in the Amalfi Coast, in the province of Salerno, mainly in the villages of sunsets and Maiori. His invention was attributed to the monks of the convent of St. Francis of sunsets who made a "concert" of 15 herbs and spices to create this liqueur.

Among the herbs used are: licorice, fennel, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, Alpine Star and mint…


You choose carefully the herbs that are then put to macerate for forty days in alcohol. After this time, the infusion is filtered and enriched with a syrup made with: water, coffee and barley and minced, sugar, orange and lemon peels.

At the end of the preparation, the liquid is bottled and left to stand for at least two months before being consumed.

For the most curious, there are no precise doses of herbs to use to create the "Concerto", but in small artisan workshops present in the Amalfi Coast you can buy the basic mixture already ready to make the infusion.

The final gradation is about 30 °.

Fragolino (Liquor)

Fragolino-CampaniaWhat is FRAGOLINO?

The Fragolino, also called Rosolio of strawberries, is an ancient specialty, spread throughout the Campania region. It is a liqueur with a pleasant dark red colour and a sweet taste, the alcohol content of which is usually around 35, obtained from the strawberries of Bosco.


It is prepared by macerating the strawberries of fresh wood in alcohol, for a period that can go from 2 to 10 days. After maceration, the preparation is filtered and diluted with a sugar syrup prepared apart, then it can be left to rest or be consumed immediately.

Limoncello Chocolate (liqueur)

Chocolate-LimoncelloWhat is Limoncello chocolate?

The chocolate to the Limoncello is an infusion of homemade tradition, made exclusively with natural ingredients, whose production has spread over the last 30 years in some territories of the province of Naples, especially in the area of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Homeland of the oldest limoncello, of which it represents a greedy and more wintry variant.


It is a liquor obtained by mixing thin cocoa powder with alcohol at 90 ° and, of course, with the traditional limoncello. Widespread in the whole area, still today is produced mostly for domestic use, but can also be found in the market, since it is packaged and marketed by some local companies bells and is very appreciated for its particular taste and its distinct Digestive quality.

Finocchietto (liqueur)

What is the finocchietto?

FennelThe finocchietto is a liqueur that is produced in the province of Salerno and in all the interior areas of the region. The fennel liqueur has a straw-yellow colour and an alcohol content of about 30 ° degrees and is particularly appreciated for its digestive properties, so much so that, besides being produced for domestic use, it has been successfully marketed by Some local artisan workshops that sell it in bottles of different shapes and sizes.


To prepare it, let macerate in alcohol for 15-20 days the dried seeds of wild fennel, prepared to which it joins the syrup of water and sugar. It is not necessary to let it rest, once bottled you can, in fact, consume immediately, preferably cold.

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