Ricotta-FuscellaWhat is FUSCELLA's ricotta?

The term ricotta comes from Latin recoctus, a term that indicates the annealing of the serum after the production of cheese, which is why the ricotta cannot be considered a real cheese, because it is obtained from the processing of the serum that is Free from curd. It is an ancient product and spread throughout the region, which must be consumed fresh.


It is obtained by heating the serum to a temperature of about 80 degrees, when a light and white floccose mass emerges, which is collected still warm and put into plastic baskets or braided joint, called Fuscelle, from which derives the name this type of ricotta. It is obtained, thus, a prismatic form, of white colour, from the delicate consistency, which is consumed by itself or as essential ingredient in many of the traditional dishes of Campania, from the filled pasta, to the sweets like the pastry.