Cacioricotta Goat of Cilento (cheese)

Cacioricotta-CilentoWhat is CACIORICOTTA?

The Cacioricotta is a tasty goat cheese whose name derives from the particular technique of coagulation of milk and is linked to the area of Cilento, in the province of Salerno, where it is produced and marketed for years. Its shape is cylindrical and the colour tends to straw yellow, more intense the more the aging period as, of course, the flavor becomes more intense. Fundamental for its originality is the raw material: exclusively fresh goat milk.


The processing procedure is also important: the milk is heated up to the boiling and then cooled naturally to 37 degrees. At this temperature one adds kid's rennet. The curd is broken vigorously and then collected and compacted in the Fuscelle, the typical wicker baskets, for the release of the serum. The particular combination of temperature and rennet determines the coagulation of the milk proteins, i.e. the cheese, and the whey, the ricotta. The product you get, is consumed fresh or seasoned. The seasoning makes it particularly hard, compact and scaly.

Greased and buttered buffalo (cheese)

What is the butter or the butter?

The burro is a cheese with spun dough formed by a puff of buffalo cheese in which a scoop of butter is placed inside. The butter is obtained from the residual serum of the processing of the spun paste, which is centrifuged and to which a spherical shape is given. Later, during the processing of the spun pasta, bags of pasta are created in which the butter balls are inserted. Depending on the shape, the product is called "Burro", when it is lengthened and has the head, or "burred", when it is packaged in a more nodular form and is without head; Although the characteristics of the shape vary depending on the manufacturer and are not influential on the final characteristics of the product. It is a very fatty cheese, born from the need to preserve, especially in past times, the butter for as long as possible, keeping the taste unchanged until the time of consumption. The burr is cut into round slices with the central butter, generally consumed fresh, smeared on hot bread croutons and combined with young red wines.


Produced in the provinces of Naples, Caserta and Salerno.

The Bebè of Sorrento (cheese)

Cheese-Bebe-SorrentoWhat is it?

In addition to the ancient Caciocavallo, in the area of the Sorrentine Peninsula is produced, for a few years to this part, a cheese that resembles very much: the baby of Sorrento. The baby takes its name from its shape, reminiscent of a newborn baby in swaddling clothes and is a tasty semi-cooked and spun cow's milk cheese of very clear colour.


Its process of preparation is very similar to the traditional one of the Caciocavallo, from which it differs for the maturing times, which for the baby are very short, with the consequence that its taste is very delicate.
It was probably born for this reason: to offer to the many tourists who frequent the area a product similar to the Caciocavallo, but with a less pronounced taste.

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