The Struffoli


What are the Sounders?

They are sweet inevitable in all the bell houses during the Christmas period and are an ancient dish. They were brought to Naples, probably, by the Greeks at the time of the foundation of Partenope. Greek is, in all likelihood, the origin of the name, from “Strongulus” which means “rounded” and recalls to their form: the very, indeed, are nothing more than the “fried balls”, obtained from a mixture of eggs and flour, and compacted by honey and the Crankset of candies and sugar confetti.


The ancient recipe, handed down from house to house, wants the dough to be prepared with flour, eggs, butter, milk, lemon grated, salt, vanilla or vanillin and you work for a long time to be cut into small pieces that are shaped in the shape of balls About an inch in diameter that are fried in oil and then mixed with honey. The mixture must then be worked with the hands, resting on a tray and garnished with pieces of candied fruit and coloured confetti.

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