The Cilento: What to do and see

The Cilento is appreciated mainly because it has not undergone a strong tourist influence. Here you can find yourself in front of an unspoilt territory, of which you can appreciate the fresh air, the clearing and the expanse of greenery. Its value is inestimable: The landscape setting kidnaps the breath and brings to the heart of many peace.

The wonders of Cilento: what this land offers

Here you can not find any intense traffic, or smog. In the Cilento, silence and tranquillity reign, and it is a wonderful place to visit. When night falls, the sky of Cilento is dressed with stars: forget the fog and air pollution.

There are many traditions related to this land: from the religious to the Folkoristiche, the Cilento is such a living part of Campania to stand on its own. Moreover, a curiosity ties the Earth to the famous Mediterranean diet: This is where the latter finds its origin, precisely to poplars.

We owe a lot to this spectacular piece of world. For example, the biological productions present in the Territory are among the Italian excellences all over the world: the oil, the grain and the legumes among all.

In Cilento was born the Mediterranean diet: Here the oil is the best

Of course, if you've come this far, you're curious to know which places should be visited. It is really difficult to choose only a few for our guide, because the Cilento deserves a visit of at least ten days. And then the air that you breathe here is so pure that it heals any paturnia.

  • Oasis River: A spectacular area, immersed in the green of the clearing, where there are the river, an artificial lake, many equipped areas, many restaurants where to stop to appreciate the local specialties. Also, for the little ones, there is a playground. There are a lot of sporting activities, including fishing: Here you will see a very rare biodiversity heritage;
  • Paestum: UNESCO has made it a World heritage site. After all, how could it not have been otherwise? Here we find three Doric temples. There are the forum, the Agora and the amphitheatre of ancient Poseidon. There is an archeological museum that contains unique pieces: for example, the plunger's tomb;

The archeological sites in the Cilento are among the most famous in the world

  • Ascea and Velia: The Cilento is the homeland of the archaeological areas and we can not fail from mentioning this spectacular town. Inside, there are many places of interest, such as the port Rosa, the port Marina, the Terme Hellenistic, the Roman baths… and again, you can visit the Acropolis and the southern quarter, as well as the archaic one;
  • Castellabate: It is probably one of the most beautiful and known points of Cilento. His popularity is also a little to the movie Welcome to the south. Here you can visit the beautiful colourful houses by the sea, watching the waters lie on the pebbles… the old town is really quaint, unique. Really an unmissable destination.

After all, we warned you at the beginning of the article: to visit and live the magic of Cilento, it is not enough just a few hours or a day…

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