In all the production areas of the buffalo mozzarella, then the provinces of Benevento, Salerno, Caserta, Naples and others in the area of the PDO "Mozzarella di Buffalo Bell", from the processing of the whey of the mozzarella is also obtained the ricotta, which can be consumed fresh or dried.

The fresh buffalo ricotta has a milky colour and soft texture and is obtained by heating the whey resulting from the processing of raw milk for the production of buffalo mozzarella up to a temperature of about 90 degrees. The serum is then added salt enough to get the right flavor of the product.

To obtain, instead, the dried buffalo ricotta, which is a compact paste, it is necessary that the shapes season in the cell for about 10 days and then are left at least one month to dry. They are then removed from the containers and left to ripen another 30 days, until they are cleaned from the moulds, deprived of thin rind and put under vacuum.