The Amalfi Coast offers suggestive and fascinating landscapes. There are many tourists who come to this place to enjoy a holiday of fun and art. Campania has a lot to tell its visitors: just think that each resort offers special events or a unique architecture of its kind.

Ravello: Between art, music and culture

The view of the Amalfi area is to be explored in its entirety. When you head to a city like this, we cannot ignore its surroundings, which offer unique shows of ravines and culture.

This is the land of perfumes, of citrus fruits: It is the land of people who dance on the street and leave the coffee in abeyance. We will take you to Ravello, a country so characteristic and particular that it will make you fall in love with its coves (and, unfortunately, of its curves).

Ravello undermines the sea, where tourists can look out and enjoy the most typical view of the Amalfi Coast. Leave the car at the parking: Ravello is to explore, to live on foot, because it is full of secrets and alleys.

Through the flight of stairs you can access the Duomo; Here explore the surroundings, where nature meets the architecture and the art of the past.

The city of poetry and romance: It is a great destination for a couple weekend

Known for being the City of music and poetry, Ravello is a romantic place; There are many men who have fallen in love with her. We can mention two of the world's importance: Boccaccio and Turner. But Ravello offers much more to its tourists, including the Villa Rufolo and the Villa Cimbrone. Do not leave the country without first visiting them! Here nature blends with the most intimate meaning of Ravello: art.

At Villa Rufolo, you think, takes place annually a very important event, of World Resonance: the Festival of music dedicated to Wagner. The Villa dates back to the 13th century. Wagner stayed there for a long time, arriving to compose the Parsifal: the Majestic Gardens, which pour out onto the sea, were a source of inspiration.

Over the centuries, Ravello also conquered the heart of English Beckett, who decided to buy Villa Cimbrone. He had it restored in the Rufolo style during the 1904. Here you can stroll through the beautiful gardens and take a trip to the Grotto of Venus, where Beckett's ashes are still present.

Staying in this place of peace and tranquility will give you the impression of a postcard Campania. The village is cured and finished in every little detail: from the gardens to the buildings, which are the flagship of Ravello.

You can stay in the country and have breakfast admiring the beautiful sea. Presently, soon, there will be a very special event in Ravello.

Friday, June 29, in fact, will be held the "Beer Ravello Cup", a tournament that has given a very ambitious goal: say no to racism. This is to give you an idea of the good heart and the candid and tolerant soul of the citizens of the country. A place you can't miss.