What to see in Procida


Its volcanic origin is still evident in the traces of the ancient craters found in its typical crescent Golfs.

On a soil of grey tuff, the bright colors of the colorful houses, the intense green of the rich vegetation, caressing the coasts lying on the clear sea, generating glimpses of landscapes of rare beauty. The liveliness of its colors, the beauty of the beaches, the flavors and smells of the typical products, the strength of its traditions, exalt the beauty, which fascinates the visitor, welcomed in a genuine and certainly familiar environment. Its history is read in the village of Terra Murata. Born from the need to defend against Saracen raids, is a splendid example of natural architecture, with houses that seem to embrace, to form a wall, almost had been designed by a single mind, but so posed by the need to remain United to be less weak.

Here the abbey of San Michele, which houses numerous works of art and the vantage point, from which you can embrace with the view the Gulf of Naples, enjoying a breathtaking spectacle. From the top of the steep ridge, you can admire the other charming village; that of Marina Corricella, where the colorful fishermen's houses, form a unique agglomeration, with singular architecture, overlooking the narrow alleys, where to walk, in a complicated tangle of bows, bleachers, "Vefi", windows, and domes, which They create a suggestive path in an atmosphere of absolute tranquillity, interrupted only by the voice of fishermen intent on spinning the nets. Here accompanied by the scent of the sea, you plunge into a timeless journey, discovering the ancient traditions of this island of fishermen and sailors. Traditions that are revived every year in the suggestive processions, which attract thousands of tourists. In the Easter period, the alleys, those of the hooded apostles, of the Dead Christ veiled and of the sorrows, preceded by chariots, built by the young Procida, depicting the episodes of the Life and Death of Christ.

Another obligatory stop on the tour of this beautiful island, is Marina Chiaiolella, today equipped tourist port, with the picturesque restaurants, where to taste the delicacies of the sea, the famous lemon salad, or the languages of Leone, exquisite dessert, to which Accompany the delicious limoncello. On the Long Beach of Ciraccio there are bathing establishments with tourist landing places, bars, pizzerias, playgrounds, accommodations by the sea, like the small pensions on the harbour and opt for a relaxing holiday.

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