The Pomodoro San Marzano is known and appreciated all over the world for its characteristics, which are exalted by the transformation in "peeled". The presence of a number of concurrent factors such as: the Mediterranean climate and the extremely fertile soil and excellent structure, the ability and experience acquired by farmers in the area of production over the decades, has contributed to its success in World, Crowned, in 1996, by the recognition of the European Union as the D.O.P.
The intrinsic characteristics that have exalted the product, thus encouraging its knowledge and its consumption are: typically bittersweet taste, elongated form of the berry with parallel longitudinal depressions, bright red color, low presence of seeds and Placental fibres, skin of bright red colour and easy peelability. These, together with the chemical-physical characteristics, make it unmistakable, both in the fresh and transformed state.

The protected designation of origin designates only the product "peeled" and the type "peeled in fillets", coming from the processing of the fruits belonging to the San Marzano type or to improved lines of it (the specification identifies two standards of Product). The product released for consumption must have very precise technological characteristics: uniform red colour with A/b colorimetric ratio of not less than 2.2; Elongated and parallelepiped shape, with length from 60 to 80 mm; Absence of foreign flavors and odours; The weight of the drained not less than 65% of the net weight; Refractometry residue not less than 4%; PH between 4.2 and 4.5. It is allowed the addition of salt (max 3% of the P.N.), basil leaves, tomato juice (but exclusively of S. Marzano).

The cultivation technique of the fresh product foresees the vertical breeding of the plants with the use of supports, thus respecting the secular tradition, even if, for the high number of hours of manpower required, this technique strongly affects the costs of Production.