pizza napoletana

It can be said that the Neapolitan pizza is the most popular dish in the world and certainly one of the most appreciated. The pizza itself has very ancient origins and the assumptions concerning its geographical origin and the etymology of its name are numerous and still very uncertain.

What we know for sure is that it is in Naples that this dish has reached the excellence, making that today "pizza" and "pizzeria" are the most famous Italian words in the world, and that the pizza has become a real symbol of the city.

Although today there are many different condiments, what we identify as the Neapolitan pizza Vera and artisan is certainly born after ' 700, after that, that appreciated and spread the use of tomatoes in the kitchen, vegetables that imported from the Americas were considered very harmful at first.

The tomatoes are the fundamental condiment for the preparation of the real pizza, present together with olive oil and oregano in marinara and olive oil, mozzarella and basil in the Daisy, the tricolour pizza invented in the 1800s in honour of Queen Margaret of Savoy. Certainly, in addition to the genuineness of the ingredients of the condiment, it is essential that of the ingredients of the dough: water, fresh brewer's yeast and sea salt and that must be worked carefully and then left to rise a first time.

The forming and the stables follow a second leavening, which precedes another phase of processing, during which the pizza is flattened and seasoned and, finally, cooked in the wood-fired oven. The preparation of pizza Verae is considered a real art, of which, beyond the geographical origins, the city of Naples has earned the paternity.

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