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The town of Gragg, in the province of Naples is now famous on the international level for the high quality of durum wheat semolina pasta that is produced by its many ancient pasta. In Gragg the production of pasta has its roots in very remote times: already in ' 500 it was realized that its geographical position was particularly suitable for the production of pasta.

It rises, in fact, on top of a valley, on which flow numerous mountain sources whose spring water, besides feeding the mills, gives to the pasta a very characteristic taste. Moreover, the warm climate, but ventilated by the sea breeze, favours the drying which, in ancient times, took place in the open air, along the city streets in conditions of naturally constant temperature and humidity, which guaranteed the taste and the perfect Preservation of the dry product. Thus, in the seventeenth century the first family-run pasta sprang up and soon the city became a very renowned industrial centre, whose numerous pasta still today follow the productive rules of essential importance: the use of semolina of Durum wheat and artisanal processing, characterized by the drawing in bronze and the subsequent natural drying, which guarantee the pasta of gragg a high quality.

Three million tons of parcels of dough in a year, for a consumer reservoir estimated at over 6 million people and a production growth estimated at around 10% in the last year are significant data that testify to the viability of a sector Strategic for the regional economy. The fund also employs more than 300 people in the city pasta, or 5% of the total national workforce of the sector. The Gragg pasta is now sold in 42 different countries, but the international market is expanding. Genuine are mainly the ingredients of the pasta gragnanese.

According to the rules of production, the "Pasta of Gragg" is the product obtained from the dough of durum wheat semolina with the most pure water of the local aquifer, with a particular scent of ripe wheat and a characteristic flavor Savory, with a decided taste.

The Gragg pasta is characterized by a wrinkled appearance, typical of the bronze drawing, and the baking has a firm and supple consistency, with an excellent and long seal. The instance of recognition was presented by the Gragg City of Pasta consortium that brings together most of the local pasta and represents 90% of the area's production both in terms of volumes and turnover.

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