Oranges of Pagani Salerno (fruit and vegetables)

arance pagani

The pagan Orange is a type of blond orange grown in the agro-Sarnese and in particular in the municipalities of Pagani and S. Egidio of Monte Albino, whose origin is probably Chinese, although it was imported into Europe by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century. Of its importation by the Portuguese merchants remains traced also in its name in dialect "Port", whose etymology unites the Neapolitan dialect with other languages, such as the Turk and the Greek, and dialects, like the Calabrian or the Sicilian. The importation in these areas is, however, very ancient, historical documents attest that the first specialized orange groves were implanted since 1845.

This is probably due to the particular predisposition of the soil, of volcanic or alluvial origin, and to the particularly favorable climate. The pagan orange matures in late spring, distinguishing itself from the other local varieties. The color of its skin ranges from bright orange to a yellow that tends to ochre.

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