Nougat of Benevento (sweets)

torrone di benevento

Nougat-BeneventoWhat is the nougat of Benevento?

The term "nougat" derives from the Latin "torreo", a verb that means "toast", with reference to the roasting of hazelnuts and almonds.

Some argue that the nougat was spread by the Arabs, who brought this cake along the coasts of the Mediterranean in particular in Spain and Italy. For sure, it has deep origins in the Benevento, where already at the time of the Romans, the "Copeta" was produced, that is the progenitor of the nougat. The classic "Copeta" is composed of honey, egg whites, almonds or hazelnuts, mixed together and cooked in a bain-marie.

The nougat was used as a gift for the high ecclesiastical offices and for the nobles and following the Bourbon kingdom this cake has become a typical Christmas specialty. For this reason, already in the early ' 900, there was an increase in the production of this delicacy that gave rise to many small companies, especially in the Benevento.

The varieties

On the Benevento territory we produce different types of nougat: white with almonds, white cupedia with hazelnuts, soft white with almonds, but among the most famous is the "witch" that takes its name from the homonymous liqueur and the version elaborated by San Marco dei Cavoi also called "Kibble". The kibble is made of sugar, almonds and chopped hazelnuts and covered with dark chocolate.

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