Truffle liqueur (liqueurs)

liquore di tartufo

Liqueur-TruffleWhat is the truffle liqueur or "R Tartufu"?

The black truffle liqueur has a light brown colour and has a very strong and aromatic taste. The traditional Campania is produced in the province of Avellino, using the black truffle of Bagnoli in the main ingredient. The village is located in the high valley of the river Heat which is renowned for the concentration of black truffles.


The liqueur is prepared using the black truffle of Bagnoli, pure alcohol at 90 ° and a syrup made from water and sugar. After the maceration time, the liquid is bottled and left to rest. Finally, it is filtered and put in new bottles ready to be tasted.

The final gradation is about 38-40 °.

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