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The protected Geographical indication "Limone di Sorrento" is referred to the fruits of the lemon cultivar "Massse", also known in literature as "mass lemon" and "Oval of Sorrento", produced exclusively in the area of the Sorrentine Peninsula.
It is a lemon of medium-large size (weight of each fruit not less than 85 grams), elliptical in shape and with a particularly succulent straw-yellow pulp, whose juice is characterized by high acidity and rich in vitamin C and mineral salts. The peel, of a nice yellow citrine, is medium thick and is very fragrant for the rich presence in essential oils.

These peculiar qualitative characteristics make the "Limone di Sorrento" IGP a product of excellence for its category, both for the market of fresh lemons and for the production of the famous "Limoncello", infused with lemon peels immersed in pure alcohol, which In this area of origin he has found his international consecration.

The quality characteristics of the "Limone di Sorrento" IGP are exalted by the particular production techniques, still linked to the cultivation of the plants under the famous "Pagliarelle", straw mats that are supported by wooden support poles, Usually of chestnut, to cover the foliage of the trees, in order to protect them mainly from the cold and the wind and to achieve also a delay of the ripening of the fruits, which represents one of the principal elements of typicality of this production.

In the kitchen, the "Limone di Sorrento" IGP is consumed in many variants: natural, or to prepare juices and juices or to aromatize sweets, jams and beverages. In the restaurants and hotels of the production area, which also includes Capri, the best cooks have invented recipes of author in which the Lemon Sorrentino is a constant in all the dishes, from appetizer to dessert, up to the coffee. It is an ingredient obliged in all the first dishes of "sea" and obviously next to the fish, which in this area is the main gastronomic attraction for tourists.
Huge success among the visitors of the Sorrentine Peninsula have also received some confectionery preparations made from lemon, such as the "Baba Al Limoncello", the "Lemon Delights" and the "lemon sorbet".

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