Limone Amalfi Coast IGP

limone di amalfi

Limone-AmalfiThe name of the variety Sfusato Amalfitano, which gives rise to the protected geographical indication "Limone Amalfi Coast", contains two important characteristics: the tapered shape of the fruit, from which the term "Sfusato", and the area in which it has come, over time, to Differentiate: the Amalfi Coast.
The "Limone Amalfi Coast" IGP is a product with very valuable and renowned characteristics: the rind is of medium thickness, of a particularly light yellow colour, with an intense aroma and scent thanks to the richness of essential oils and terpenes (character considered Quality for the production of lemon liqueur). The pulp is juicy and moderately sour, with little presence of seeds. It is also a lemon of medium-large size (at least 100 grams per fruit).

From recent studies of the University of Naples Federico II has become aware that this variety of lemon is among the most rich in absolute ascorbic acid, the note vitamin C.
The "Limone Amalfi Coast" IGP is considered, commercially, a product of excellence, both for the fresh market and for the production of the famous "Limoncello", that here as in Sorrento and Capri has found its area of choice.

The typical cultivation of terraces, along the acclivi slopes of the coast, with the cover of the plants through the famous "Pagliarelle" (today replaced by the most practical shading nets), contributes to confer those unique characteristics and "Lemon Coast of Amalfi" IGP and to make famous in the world its mythical "gardens".
The collection takes place several times a year, for the typical phenomenon in the lemons of polymorphism, even if the most valuable production is obtained in the spring-summer period, between March and the end of July.

For its intense aroma, the thick peel, the juicy and semi-sweet pulp and the almost absence of seeds, the "Lemon Coast of Amalfi" IGP is widely used in the kitchen. In the production area is often served to the natural, prepared with salad. Another typical use of the lemon in the Amalfi area is that Condimentario. In fish, in sea appetizers, in the famous first courses of the area, on the meat, the lemon, whole, sliced, or even just as an ingredient, is always present next to the main dishes. The best chefs in the area have made it the gastronomic attractor par excellence. Some bars in the area even serve "lemon coffee".
Of the limoncello, infused with lemon peels immersed in pure alcohol, it was said. But the use of Sfusato Amalfitano is not limited to the production of the famous lemon liqueur, but also extends to the confectionery sector, since the unmistakable aroma of this precious fruit is the basis of many local specialties, such as the mythical "delights", the " "Limoncello", the cakes, the profitteroles, the chocolates and other typical local sweets.

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