The most beautiful beaches in the province of Salerno

We of tourism Campania have always tried to offer to our readers of places of historical and cultural interest unmatched: we can not forget, however, that we are in Campania and that our beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

In this article, we offer a mini guide on the most beautiful beaches found in the province of Salerno: We will talk about Marina di Camerota, of Palinuro and crossing the magnificent Cilentina coast in a succession of crystal clear sea and clean beaches.

What are the best beaches in the province of Salerno?

  • Bay of the infreshes, Marina di Camerota: The wonder of the provinces of Salerno is known all over the world. Its beaches are particularly enchanting, the sea is pristine and the sand is finely gilded. In this case, the Bay of the infreshes is reachable only by sea. Alternatively, you can follow a trekking itinerary, thanks to which you can admire the Mediterranean scrub. This path will take you from Lentiscelle Beach in search of the secrets and places of Marina di Camerota. Many of the beaches can be seen or reached only through the sea: we can quote Cala Bianca or Cala Fortuna. This bay has been recently honored to be a protected marine Area. surmounted by jagged and rocky coastlines, its sea is as blue as the sky before darkening: a spectacle to be lived;
  • Beach Calanca: Many of the beaches of Salerno's surroundings can only be reached by means of footpaths. No exception is beach Calanca in Marina di Camerota: The path full of steps will surprise you. Do not be frightened by fatigue, because you will be rewarded at the end of the route. This beach is of a sandy type and is enclosed by the high rocky cliffs. We also suggest that you can admire the tower of Violets. Here the sunsets have another taste and can be experienced at full. Truly a charm of romance and inspiration;

The Cilento: crystal clear sea and beaches to love

  • Good sleep beach: This beach can be reached by sea, and is located in Capo Palinuro. The sea is the color of the emerald and the sand has nothing to envy to the most famous beaches of overseas, like Hawaii. You can head to this beach with a nice name from the port of Palinuro. There is a very nice rock, or the rabbit, which the walls lie on the sea;
  • Conca dei Marini: Among the bays of fundamental importance for Salerno, we can find this spectacular basin. Here and now the activities of fishermen are still taking place: the sea is full of fish and is considered one of the main places of sustenance for the Salerno;
  • Natural arch: It is probably one of the most known and is located near the mouth of the river Mingarso. It was used as a location for the film The Argonauts 2;
  • Marinella Beach: Palinuro, as Marina di Camerota, gives tourists unique emotions. In this case, we find ourselves in front of two choices: we can reach the beach thanks to a path or the stairway. Here the Panorama opens on the coast: those who have taken the path, have admitted to live a "fable".

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