The beaches of Naples and surroundings

Speaking of Naples, it is practically impossible not to name its splendid sea. Naples offers a crazy panoramic view: its beaches are many and not enough a whole week to visit them as they deserve.

"Naples is a thousand colors," Yes, and it is no exception to its sea. The infinite expanse of Blue kisses the sky in a fantastic way to say the least. When the Sun falls, the red of the sunset pours over the waters, which change nuance, until it becomes blue night. An intense spectacle that enters the heart of tourists. In many, after having visited Naples, they decide to return the following year.

What beaches to visit in Naples and surroundings?

It was really difficult to select the best beaches in and around Naples. Because some are real villages, to visit, and not only beaches in which to bathe, or, worse, be besieged by tourists. No, we would like to take you to real Naples, in its magic.

The goal is to make you breathe the Neapolitan air. Whether you are looking for an exclusive and private beach, or a well-equipped bathhouse, we were able to select the best coastlines.

  • The cliff of Marechiaro: This village overlooks the coastal of Posillipo. It is a typical fishing village, where you will have the opportunity to take long walks immersed in the green. Very impressive, we advise you to dedicate a day, to experience the magic of Naples in the best way. Besides, the water is really clean and crystalline;

The beach of the gay: admire the landscape and the Vesuvius

  • The beach of the gay: This is also located near the village of Marechiaro. It's a very quiet beach. As we said before, it is important to be able to enjoy the landscape and the scenery in silence, to enter in contact with Naples. It offers a splendid view of the Vesuvius and also of the Gulf of Naples. We suggest the presence of a boat with a transparent bottom with which to visit the archaeological park;
  • Bagno Elena: Is one of the first bathing establishments in the city and dates back to 1840. This lido has seen famous names during the course of its existence, local and international, such as Eduardo De Filippo and Totò. In addition, it was used as a landing point by nothing less than Richard Wagner and Oscar Wilde;
  • Riva Fiorita: We are in front of one of the most characteristic beaches of Naples. It is the backdrop to the sea the fantastic Villa Volpicelli. For those who do not know, is the famous red Castle of the famous soap opera A place in the sun. The beach is not easy to reach, however: you can lighthouse by sea or along a slightly arduous descent. If you are fond of the long exploratory walks, it is for you;

Are you looking for a fully equipped beach? They put and Miliscola are perfect

  • Beaches of Mises and Miliscola: If you are looking for well-equipped beaches, you can only head towards these two. In fact, they are bathing establishments that offer different services. There are relaxation areas or dedicated to family and children, to allow anyone to enjoy the scenery and have fun at the same time. They are also considered economic, compared to other establishments.

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