The 5 most good pizzerias in Salerno

In Campania with pizza do not joke. While not in Naples, we are in the pizza region. And it must be done as Christ commands.

Pizza is one of the most famous dishes of Italy: You can find it everywhere, but it will not be the same as Campania.

Below, we decided to draw up a list with the most famous pizzerias located in Salerno. Get ready to enjoy the most delicious pizza you have ever eaten!

The list of pizzerias in Salerno

  • Antica Pizzeria Fried The roundabout: on Tripadvisor, this is one of the highest pizzerias in position, with really stellar reviews. The place is not very big, but what we give importance to is the pizza. And in this case you can taste a pizza lady. It is typically Neapolitan, with high edge. You can also order some local fried foods as an appetizer. The pizza is very light, soft and tasty: We recommend the classic, with tomato and buffalo above, as well as Basil. Really to lick his mustache. Here the pizza is the protagonist of a romantic film;
  • Pulcenella: Via Case Rosse, 88, Salerno. The service is perfect, the owners care about the customers and treat them in the best way. A curiosity is that you will not be given cutlery to eat pizza, but you can enjoy it as a time. The environment is simple and spartan. The pizzerias usually do not concentrate so much on the furnishings of the room as for the preparation of the pizza. According to our experience, the more a local is good, the more their pizzas will be of a high standard. This is the case of Pulcenella, where the Neapolitan tradition is alive;

We advise you to order fried foods as an appetizer

  • The grimace: Piazza Alfano, 5, Salerno. It's the classic Neapolitan pizzeria that will make you feel at home. The walls are decorated with different suggestive writings. There is an outside in which to eat pizza outdoors. As for the Queen, it's one of the best you'll ever have to taste. You can order fried appetizers, which dominate in Campania as an appetizer. As the Salerno say, the fried, after all, "opens the stomach" to the pizza!;
  • Pizzaportafoglio & Nonsense: Via Porta Elina, 7, Piazza led, Salerno. You can taste this pizza while sitting comfortably at the piazza led. When you ask a Salerno where to eat pizza, you're sure to recommend this pizzeria. The pizza is extremely good as well as being cheap. There are some outdoor tables in which to admire the beautiful Salerno. A suggestive and romantic panorama;

Pizzerias suggestive and Spartan: where to eat the most delicious pizza in Salerno

  • Pizzaria Criscemunno: Via Romualdo the Guar, 15, Salerno. This pizzeria is a small gem in which to admire a beautiful view and at the same time to taste a good pizza. The staff is friendlier and attentive to every desire of the customer. It is located next to the Duomo of Salerno: a perfect place to eat pizza, especially after exploring the streets of the centre. The pizza is very thin, soft, each ingredient is fresh. There are the eggrolls of pasta! Recommended.

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