The 5 most good pizzerias in Naples

When we think of Neapolitan cuisine it is impossible not to mention the pizza, which is probably the food par excellence. The history of pizza is linked to so many mysteries and secrets that this food is not only characteristic of Naples but it is probably its symbol.

Pizza is the most popular and known food in the world: each country has tried to propose a variant without equaling the Neapolitan one. And how to do it after all? Neapolitan pizza chefs are considered true masters.

Pizza is the most famous food in the world: History and Legend

They say that it is the water or the air the secret of the Pizza chef; In short, something present only in Naples, which makes the dough so good and envied by all. Yes, because in no other part of Italy pizza is as good as in Naples, or at least it does not look like us at all.

Many pizza makers are good, however it is not the classic Neapolitan.

If you are on holiday in Naples, you should definitely eat the best Neapolitan pizza in town. Between a visit to the various historical monuments and museums, at a certain point you will stop in a typical pizzeria and order it.

Of course, you do not have to expect a pizza of who knows what tastes: to have a more complete and totally sensory experience, we advise you to order pizza Margherita.

Where to order a pizza in Naples?

The classic pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basil leaf, called Margherita in honor of the Queen, or because the pizza reminds of the homonymous flower, is to be tasted, because with other ingredients risk not to fully understand its history.

Here then we have selected for you the best five pizzerias in Naples!

  • Pizzeria Brandi: It seems that this pizzeria holds the gold medal. Because? Because he would have prepared the first Margherita pizza in the world. At the time of the event, the pizzeria was known by another name, "Pietro e Basta";

    Photo Pizzeria Brandi Photo Source: Pizzeria Brandi

  • Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba: It is necessary to mention this pizzeria, because its is a centenary story. In fact, we are talking about one of the oldest pizzerias present in Naples. Also, being in the center, you can stop for lunch to enjoy a nice pizza after visiting the streets of the city. The Port'Alba area is really fantastic;

    Photo Pizzeria Antica Port'Alba SOURCE Photo: Gennaro Luciano of the Pizzeria Antica Port'Alba

  • Gino Salazar: It is impossible never to have heard of Gino Salazar. Probably, it is the most famous and appreciated pizza maker in the world.  All Neapolitans recommend to eat the pizza of Salazar; Something's going to mean in the end. obligatory stop;

    Photo Pizzeria Gino Sorbilllo Photo Source: Pizzeria Gino Salazar

Between hanging and wallet pizzas: That's where President Clinton ate

  • Pizzeria Oliva: You probably all know the Neapolitan tradition of suspended coffee. Here, in this pizzeria could make a similar gesture with pizza. Imagine finding a pizza already paid for you. What about? a place to try;

    Photo Pizzeria Oliva SOURCE Photo: Pizzeria Oliva

  • President and daughter of the President: here we speak of history, because it was the 1994, when Maria Ciacalli made the most beautiful gift that we can ever receive to President Clinton. Yes, he gave him a wallet pizza. Since then, the latter gained a stratospheric popularity and in New York tried to imitate it in every way, without succeeding. They will not have the famous water or the air of Naples…

    Photo Pizzeria the president's daughter SOURCE Photo: Pizzeria The daughter of the President

Enjoy your meal!

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