Since February 2007, Turismo Campania is a complete guide on tourism in Campania, which speaks of: tourist attractions, accommodation, companies, itineraries, associations, typical, events and event.

To make known the naturalistic, historical and environmental beauties of our beloved CAMPANIA around the world, we seek sponsors and select:
-Accommodations Bed and breakfast, hotels, villas, holiday homes, farmhouses, Country houses, resorts, restaurants, taverns, Trattorias, pizzerias, pubs, bars, cafes, clubs.
-Tour operators: Tourist portals, real estate agencies, travel agencies, rental agencies, tourist guides and matrimonial agencies.
-Companies: Tourist Start-ups, Import/Export companies, farms, Catering, wine cellars, confectionery, pasta and jams.
-PR: Event organisers, associations and organizations.
-Bodies: Public for the promotion of an event in particular.
-Private: Other activities related to the tourism sector.

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To personalize your offer or to get more information send an email to info@turismocampano.it with the subject: "Join the project" or fill out the form below.

The billing will be carried out by the agency ADS NETWORK (P. IVA: 05291670650).

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