The island of Ischia: What to do and what to see

Isola di Ischia

Ischia was not known to the most as it is today: its "rediscovery" is recent, and it owes itself to the publisher and film producer Angelo Rizzoli. Ischia is definitely among the destinations most coveted by Italians and tourists from all over the world, for what it represents and for the fun it offers.

The island of Ischia: A place full of wonders

From 1951, or since Rizzoli decided to make this locality one of the most famous in Campania, Ischia has quickly transformed, becoming attractive for Hollywood divas, tourists and entertainment people.

Until that time, Ischia was an island that was basically based on fishing and agriculture. There were no trendy clubs or hotels: Neapolitans preferred other places for their summer vacations.

Then, Rizzoli understands the importance of this island: the conformity of the Territory is perfect to build, the sea is clear, a expanse in which barely distinguishes the sky with the horizon. The places to visit in this wonderful island are many: you will have the opportunity to spend many hours dedicated to the Salanatin and the sun, of your choice.

What can you visit on the island of Ischia?

The first place of historical interest that we would like to invite you to visit is the Aragonese Castle. To reach Ischia, you will have to ferry: As soon as you see its silhouette on the horizon, you will understand that you are approaching the beautiful island. The castle is the symbol of the island: every now and then, you have to resort to the maintenance of the bridge that connects the place with the island, because the sea seems to "drag it Away". Nearby you can also visit the Cathedral of Assunta with the crypt, the convent of the Poor Clares and the Church of the Immaculate. In addition, you can not just take a look at the Gulf of Naples, from which here you can enjoy a great view.

Another of the points of interest of the island are certainly its spa gardens. We advise you to head to the Poseidon, to enjoy a day of relaxation serve you with its excellent waters. You can find pools with water of different temperatures, Kneipp paths, saunas, various waterfalls… certainly interesting are also the treatments for the body and the face. In short, in Ischia you can relax and be reborn completely, as well as cure that annoying back pain.

The magnificent Bay of Rise: Here are the natural and free spas

If we talk about Ischia, it is impossible not to mention the Bay of Rise. To get there, you have to climb 234 steps: Not really a few, huh? However, the view and the beauty, the springs of hot water, the natural pools, in short: it's like the spas, but totally free. We advise you to go there early in the morning or at sunset, because the bay of Rise is targeted by thousands of tourists.

Where to go in the evening to Ischia? It's full of trendy clubs

The last place you absolutely need to visit is the village of Sant'Angelo. Here you can meet VIPs, movie stars and television. An extremely chic place where you can follow a trendy local and fish restaurants. To spend an evening of fun and unbridled luxury, is ideal!

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