The island of Capri: what to see and do

L'Isola di Capri - Faraglioni

Talking about CAPRI and not using strongly enthusiastic words is not easy. Because Capri is the most famous island of Campania in the world. We often hear from tourists, but also in the travel sites: It is the ideal place, the summer destination preferred by many Italians.

In Capri you can fall in love with its sea, but also in its cuisine. While being small, you can actually find all the typical Campania specialties. Let yourself be enchanted by the rock of the sirens, or take a moment along the Piazzetta of Capri. In addition, we will talk about the Certosa di San Giacomo, whose construction dates back to 1300. Ready to taste a little bit of wonder Caprese?

Visit the island of Capri: What is there to see?

If you find yourself in this magical place and are looking for small tips not to be missed, we have chosen the four main points of the island for you.

  1. The Piazzetta of Capri: as first place we could not mention this beautiful square. Those who live in Capri call it "a Chiazz". His name is Piazza Umberto, but almost no one calls it that. It is the beating heart of the island of Capri. A fascinating place to stop for a coffee or order one of the many typical Capri sweets, including the cake, which we strongly recommend you to taste. Here you can find the newsagent and the tourist company, where you can choose different tourist guides and let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful island. You can admire the landscape, extricate yourself between the tables of the rooms along the road, daydreaming… everything is allowed in CAPRI. Take a cocktail after being in its beautiful faraglioni, which we will talk about shortly;

The fascinating stacks of Capri have names: Did you know?

  1. The Faraglioni of Capri: The famous three rock peaks that give to the sea, known by all like the Faraglioni, are a place to visit at least once in life. Did you know they even have names? Star, Faraglione out of the way and Faraglione out or aim it. The place is spectacular, especially at sunset, when the sky turns red and gets wet on the sea. Romantic and tourist at the same time. You can rent a boat or a pedalo and take a swim off, indulging in total relaxation outside the tourist environment. Here you will find two bathing establishments, namely the Fontelina and Luigi, where you can enjoy all the typical maritime services. There are two restaurants, which offer very good typical specialties;
  2. The Certosa of St. James: The year of its construction dates back to 1371. It is probably the oldest building in Capri. The Certosa is the place to visit for those who love history and who loves to discover the origins of the place where it is on holiday. Many tourists take an assault every year. Among other things, despite having almost 800 years of history behind it, it is among the historical buildings best kept in Italy;

The Rock of the sirens: those who tried to enchant Ulysses…

  1. Marina Piccola: This beach gives its faraglioni. The legend of Ulysses is linked to this place: in fact, here is the famous rock of the Sirens that induced the hero into temptation.

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