The Duomo of Salerno

duomo di salerno

If you are in Salerno, a visit to the Duomo is considered a must. The Italian cities are fortunate enough to boast the Duomo, the main cathedral and the pulsating heart of the city. It is the reason why many tourists love to visit Italy and lose themselves among its remains.

The Duomo of Salerno is no less. Known by the name of St. Matthew's Cathedral, the remains of the saint are in fact kept in the crypt inside.

The Duomo of Salerno: A fascinating place rich in history

A curiosity that links the Duomo of Salerno with the papacy is that it has been honored the denomination of minor basilica. This honour grants him only the pope, the highest office of the papal State, to some religious buildings: not many people can boast of this recognition.

The reason why St. Matthew's Cathedral received it is because of the importance it has had throughout history.

The building dates back to the 11th century. The first style with which it was made was the Romanesque. Like all the religious buildings that have been present in Italy for so long, it has undergone various changes throughout the various eras. These processes of transformation are due to the people who have settled afterwards, or to the natural phenomena that have put the construction at risk.

The history of St. Matthew's Cathedral

For example, we can quote the bell tower, which is a perfect adaptation of the Arab-Norman style: Inside were placed eight bells.

St. Matthew's Cathedral was built for two precise reasons, two events that marked the history of this town. The first is traced back to the translation of the remains of St. Matthew in Salerno. First, the latter were in Capaccio-

The second event that marked the city in an important way was the conquest of the latter in 1075 by the Norman Duke, Robert of Altavilla, known by the term of the gates.

The people were grateful to Robert of Altavilla, because his conquest marked the end of the Lombard principality, which lasted for 237 years.

Construction work for the cathedral begins in 1080. The then Archbishop-in-Office was Alfano I, poet and Doctor who had specialized in the famous medical school Salerno.

The building was strongly wanted by Roberto the gates. Pope Gregory VII inaugurated the church in 1084; In 1085, the cathedral was ready. It is one of the works of the past of which we have news of a speed of construction of similar magnitude. Usually, the construction of a building of such importance required a great deal of time.

Here are the visiting times of the cathedral

Being an area prone to different seismic phenomena, the cathedral has undergone many rehashes over time, which is also the reason that make it so fascinating.

To visit St. Matthew's Cathedral, you must observe a precise time:

  • Weekdays: from 8:30 until 20:00;
  • Public holidays: from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00.


Image source: Radio Compass Duomo of Salerno

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