The Bebè of Sorrento (cheese)

bebe di sorrento

Cheese-Bebe-SorrentoWhat is it?

In addition to the ancient Caciocavallo, in the area of the Sorrentine Peninsula is produced, for a few years to this part, a cheese that resembles very much: the baby of Sorrento. The baby takes its name from its shape, reminiscent of a newborn baby in swaddling clothes and is a tasty semi-cooked and spun cow's milk cheese of very clear colour.


Its process of preparation is very similar to the traditional one of the Caciocavallo, from which it differs for the maturing times, which for the baby are very short, with the consequence that its taste is very delicate.
It was probably born for this reason: to offer to the many tourists who frequent the area a product similar to the Caciocavallo, but with a less pronounced taste.

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