The Wines of Avellino


We are in a region, Campania, very fortunate with regard to the cultivation of grapes. Here the wines are the most varied: only in the city and around Avellino there are more than 100 wines.

Each wine has its own characteristic and a different gradation. Its tasting notes are perfect for fans of the genre, who can get lost in the sweet of honey, perfumes citrus and floral or red fruits, cocoa, spices and tobacco.

Here is the list of wines from Avellino

Listing all Avellinesi wines is virtually impossible, because they are really many. However, we decided to talk about the major wines, the most popular and someone you should definitely try. We will talk about their color, the taste at first tasting and the gradation, giving you all the necessary characteristics to choose.

  • Fiano di Avellino: We are in front of one of the most famous wines of the city. Its colour is straw yellow, while the gradation is around 13 °. Perfect to match with fish dishes, this wine will tell you about flowers and honey. Its flavor is a perfect combination of sour and sweet. For lovers of these two elements, it is not to be missed;

The Danzanico is one of the most appreciated wines in Italy and in the world

  • Dance: It is probably one of the best known, that we can even find in supermarkets, so much is the demand for this wine. The color is a beautiful ruby red. Its gradation, however, is 13.5 °. What can we tell you about this wine with an almost magical taste? It is very soft, albeit with some sour notes, and at a first taste you will feel like chewing red fruits, cocoa and tobacco. to try;
  • Irpinia Aglianico: Originally from the cellars, this wine is also of the colour of the ruby. The gradation is 13.5 °. The inhabitants of Avellino recommend it with salami and cheese, to exalt their taste, as well as to the roasted lamb and to the Neapolitan tripe. It is poured into oak and chestnut barriques, to which it owes its sensational flavour;
  • Rosé DOC Irpinia: Are you lovers of rosé wine? This will definitely do for you. The cellar where you can try the real rosé DOC Irpinese is the stain of brigands. of Cerasuolo pink colour, the gradation is around 13.5 °. Its flavor is described as soft and velvety at the same time. By giving a first sniff to the wine, you can smell the fresh fruit, cherries and berries;

We advise you to take a trip to the cellar of brigands

  • Irpinia DOC Campi Taurasini: Also this wine is part of the cellar of the stain of brigands, among the best present in the territory of Avellino. The color is purple red, we can define it as the classic full-bodied wine. The taste is a kind of jam of plum and black cherry. You can clearly feel the wood. To be combined strictly with meat dishes. A gem that all lovers of red wine should taste, especially during the Christmas season.

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