The Wines of Naples


Campania is a land that is not only known for good food. Land of peasants, delicacies and rich in history and culture, this region offers some beauties that can rarely be admired elsewhere.

What are the wines of Naples?

The history of Naples originates in antiquity. In the course of the various eras, the importance that this city has had for Italy is known to all. The famous saying "see Naples and then die" aims to tell the heart of the city; After witnessing his wonders, you will be able to say that you have lived.

But Naples is not only good food, quaint neighborhoods and crystal clear sea. Naples is much more than that. Today, we want to tell you about its wines, grape varieties and how the history of the grapes has been undermined within the world scene.

In Naples, but also in its surroundings, the territory is very fertile, particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines. Here the viticulture begins in ancient times, when the peasants were looking for a way to earn some extra money.

A list of wines to taste

Although it was the scene of great noble titles and great palaces, Campania and Naples itself were inhabited by a people particularly dedicated to the land, which could survive thanks to its fruits.

And this is where the love for grapes and wine in general is born; Many have built their fortune by serving the cellars of the palaces.

The grapes of the territory are manifold. We can quote the Piedirosso, the Aglianico, the Greek, the Falanghina, the tail of Fox… but they are only some of the grapes. The DOC wines of Naples can amaze fans of the genre, in an exploratory journey back in the cellars of the past.

  • Aversa Preprino: This is also found in the tree-lined and sparkling version. During the Angevin period, Louis Pierrefeu spotted in Naples the best territory to cultivate his vines. In this way, he served the court of Robert of Anjou with first-class wines;
  • Campi Flegrei: Within this category, we can mention a lot of wines. There is the Falanghina, but also the Partire and Palus, the Piedirosso and the Novello red. Excellent to taste the Passito;
  • Capri: The Capri Wine is presented in the types of white and red. Both have a taste on the palate really exceptional;
  • Ischia: Various wines are available, such as white, sparkling wine, the superior… but also the Biancolella, the Forastera, the Piedirosso and the for ' e Palui, which also comes in the version of Passito;

The most famous and precious is "the Tear of Christ"

  • Lacryma Christi: This is probably the most famous DOC wine of the Neapolitan. Appreciated all over the world, it is also known by the term of Lacryma Chirsti of Vesuvius, or Vesuvius. The wines belonging to Vesuvius were also appreciated in Roman times. Of them, it was written that "Bacchus loved these hills more than the native hills of Nisa." The origin of the name of the wine is among the most interesting stories of Naples. It is said that here wept God, and that where his tears came, were later territories of great fertility.

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