The wines of Benevento

Cantina di Solopaca - Vino beneventano

Campania, as well as being the home of good food, is considered excellent for the wine list offered by the various regional capitals. Today we will talk about the wines of Benevento, which are really special and deserve a deepening.

We can quote first the Aglianico and the Falanghina: they are in many the autochthonous vines present in the Benevento. The preparation of the typical wines has been passed down for centuries by the family fathers.

The wines you can taste in Benevento and surroundings

These wines are the perfect expression of the territory of Benevento, which offers some really interesting delicacies. Being located in the Apennine hinterland of Campania, Benevento is historically and culturally fascinating, as well as being perfect for the cultivation of vines. Considered the homeland of Samnite, you can enjoy red, white and rosé wines of excellent quality.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the hilly territory, the cultivation of grapes grows strong, and it is precisely for this reason that you get some wines with a decided flavour.

Here is an approximate list of wines Beneventani

Below we will provide you with a list in which we will present the most important characteristics of the wine, namely its colour, its smell and its flavour:

  • Guardiolo Aglianico: It is wine DOC. The color is ruby red, its intensity depends on the maturation. At the first taste, you will feel a full bodied wine, very dry, that fits the palate. With regard to the smell, it is particularly pleasant;
  • Sannio Aglianico: We are in front of another wine DOC. Here the color is intense thanks to the fermentation. It should tend to the ruby. The smell is characteristic of the red, reminiscent of a fruity. The flavor, however, varies depending on the maturation: it could be soft or full bodied;
  • Falanghina: More wine DOC. There are two different types of denominations: Passito or sparkling wine. The color tends to be straw, the intensity, as always, is to ripen. The smell is very fruity. The taste of the wine could be dry or slightly sour. Freshness is a typical feature;
  • Sannio Barbera: DOC wine of ruby red colour, the smell is typically floral. Its flavour is divided into two parts, depending on the grape: dry or sweet;

A wide selection of reds, rosés and whites: What do you prefer to taste?

  • Sant'Agata dei Goths Aglianico: wine DOC whose colour can be red or tending to garnet. The odor can be defined as harmonic and persistent. Excellent also the taste, very balanced, almost tannic;
  • Solopaca Aglianico: Wine DOC, really interesting. The color is the ruby, while the smell is particularly vinous and pleasant. For its flavor, we can say that varies from dry to soft, slightly velvety.
  • Taburno Bianco: The DOC wine par excellence. The color is straw, the intensity of which grows with the fermentation. It has a particularly delicate smell and its taste is fresh and dry.

Each of these wines has different nuances. For example, there is also the Sannio Fiano, the Greek Sannio, the Sannio Moscato, the Sannio Piedirosso and the Sannio rosé. List all the excellences of the wines of Benevento is impossible, because they are many: we advise you to start from our list.

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