The Wines of Salerno


Salerno is not only a city rich in history and art, offering a cultural heritage that is not indifferent to visitors. No, Salerno is also a city that is "tasted", thanks to its typical products and the wine list.

The Salerno province and the city itself boast a very secular cultivation of vines. Of paramount importance, the cultivation of grapes has always been a way for the less wealthy citizens to seek a bit of luck.

A little history on Salerno Wines

For this reason, the best grape and the most sophisticated experimental technique has always been sought to recreate wines with an intense taste for the palate. Salerno wines have a history behind them: their refined cultivation will surprise you.

The wine market, today intended for everyone, in the past was mainly aimed at royalty and noble palaces. The Salerno knew that the only way to achieve a stable economy was to devote themselves in a total way to the production of a special wine. As a result, Salerno wines are among the Campania and Italian excellences.

Below, we deepen the most famous wines of Salerno and its province: each one has a speciality and a special territory in which to mature.

What are the wines of Salerno?

We can start talking about four wines with denomination of origin; Each of these has different types. We can name the Cilento, the Colli di Salerno, the Amalfi coast and the Castel San Lorenzo.

  • Cilento DOC: The Cilento is a very fertile area with regard to the cultivation of the vines. The latter are to Aeneas and Paestum, and those who have taken care of their realization were none other than the ancient Greek colonizers. The territory is mainly clayey-calcareous and is the reason why the Cilento wine has a decided flavor. We can find an excellent selection of red wines, such as Aglianico, Piedirosso and primitive foot, as well as excellent whites and rosés;

We can taste red, white and rosé

  • Colli di Salerno: The wines of Salerno are honoured with the IGT brand. Their cultivation has always been attentive over the centuries; The techniques are very refined and developed during the various vintages. The Salernitane hills are excellent for the production of wines, being florid and luxuriant;
  • Amalfi Coast: The main wines of this spectacular territory are the fury, the sunsets and the Ravello. We can find white, red and rosé of the highest quality. The three wines we have mentioned before can boast the label "Riserva" if they are left to age. The Amalfi coast contains a very extensive territory, destined to the cultivation of the vines;
  • Castel San Lorenzo: This wine is produced in eight municipalities of the province of Salerno. Among the wines of major importance we can mention the Barbera; The latter is left to grow old in oak, thanks to which it ensures a structured and personal taste. Besides Barbera, we can taste the Lambiccato, a very sweet wine, which is made thanks to the Moscato grapes. Again, we find red, white and rosé wines.

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