The typical dishes Salerno

Having the opportunity to visit a city located in Campania is at the same time be sure to have fun and enjoy great food. Salerno is one of the most visited cities; It offers clean beaches, crystal clear sea.

Of course, when you are here, you must visit the Paestum, its temples, the Arechi castle, the Minerva Garden and the Salerno Medical School.

What are the typical products of Salerno?

Between visits, however, you may be hungry! Salerno does not fail to offer a list of typical products really enviable. We have for every taste, from the sandwich with the spleen, or the street food par excellence, to the most good sweets of Campania.

Speaking of Salerno, it is impossible not to mention the Zizzona of Babu: the latter, by now, is a registered trademark and tourists from all over the world come to visit Salerno just to taste it.

Below, you will find the list of unfailing foods to be enjoyed when you are visiting the city.

The Zizzona of Babu: The Food of the Gods

  • Zizzona of Babu: It is impossible, by now, not to know this famous dish. Campania is among the most famous regions in terms of dairy products. The Zizzona has become so famous that tourists who visit Salerno, by now, try to taste it at least once. This buffalo mozzarella has a particular shape, reminiscent of the female breasts. At first, it was not very well known: thanks to the movie Welcome to the south, the rest of Italy discovered this dish. Subsequently, the brand of the Zizzona of the farm was registered by the Dairy de La Fattoria. There are many ways to enjoy it, but we advise you to do it with a drizzle of oil. You will be amazed by his taste;
  • Padded spleen: The patron saint's Day is held in Caserta on 21 September. The city is filled with people, lights and a particular perfume. At the corners of the streets, you will see many carts, in which people prepared a special sandwich, or the padded spleen. The ingredients of this sandwich are very simple, and it was considered in the past the meal of the peasants: oil, vinegar, garlic, parsley, chilli and of course spleen. The sauce of this sandwich is sensational;

Scazzetta and Santarosa for a sweet snack in the heart of the Old Town

  • Scazzetta: The names of the typical Salerno dishes are very funny. This in particular beats them all, not only for originality, but also for goodness. You can taste at the pastry pants, or in the heart of the historic center of Salerno. This slice of cake has some particularly tasty ingredients: cream, strawberries, Spanish sponge and red icing. Curious to find out why you call it that? You will surely understand that it is a dialect word: it refers to the headgear of the Cardinals, which the pope gives them in the investiture;
  • Santarosa: This is the forerunner of the Sfogliatella. If you pass by Salerno, it is impossible not to indulge this sweet;
  • The hazelnut of the house is also known for the Festival of cinema dedicated to children. But not only that! In the event you will have the opportunity to taste some amazing hazelnuts. They are among the most valuable of the Italian panorama.

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