The 5 Most Romantic Restaurants in Salerno

Organizing a romantic dinner can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the place or if you want to look for a different place than usual. In this article, we have selected and evaluated for you five high quality restaurants located in Salerno. Salerno is one of the most beautiful cities in Campania: after a tour in the center, a romantic dinner is a must. You can choose between meat and fish proposals, to meet everyone’s needs: between “locande” and “trattorie”, a food and wine guide around the city.

Restaurants in Salerno to have a romantic dinner

  • Ristorante Cicirinella: via Antonio Genovesi, Salerno. This beautiful restaurant is situated in one of the city’s quaint alleys. Its cuisine is divided into refined and traditional dishes. The dishes look delicious and are perfect for a romantic dinner. The high quality of the ingredients is very popular throughout the city. The atmosphere you perceive is of attention to detail; the waiters are very friendly and meet the particular requests of the customers. Gigi and Ettore will welcome you at their best, to offer you a truly sensational dining experience;
  • Taverna Santa Maria de Domo: Masuccio Salernitano 63/65/67, Salerno. A tavern is the perfect place to seal your union and spend an evening of romance and great food. The tavern has a truly enviable wine list, where you can taste the typical products of the area. The reds are really full-bodied, perfect to accompany a meat dinner. Portions are very plentiful. Located in the heart of the old town, you can go to the Tavern after a walk at sunset, through the most artistic and cultural streets of the city;

Locande, taverne and minimal restaurants: how to impress your half

  • Emozionando: via Montestella di Ogliara, Traversa in front of the civic, 21 Salerno: among the proposals could not miss a seafood restaurant. Very interesting is the proposal of the raw, which alternates visually scenic dishes. The aesthetic, however, does not preclude the high quality: the fish is fresh and is bought in the morning by fishermen. We recommend that you end your dinner with gourmet ice cream. Nando will try to draw up a menu for your romantic evening and will amaze you with its gourmet recipes. The kindness of the waiters is an added value to the local;
  • Terracena: Piazza Francesco Cerenza, 9, Salerno – Amalfi Coast. You can start with a taste of appetizers, to understand the specialties of this very interesting place. Among the first, we recommend the one with anici and Spaghetti with Carminuccio. The peculiarity of this place is that it does not have a set menu, despite having basic dishes, which you can always find. The menu is drawn up with the products of the day, so the ingredients are always fresh. The Terracena setting is purely retro: a perfect environment for eating and loving at the same time;
  • Osteria del Taglio: via Giovanni Ruggi d’Aragon, 10, Salerno: this inn turns out to be a real surprise. The setting is typically minimalistic, a white festival that will make you feel comfortable. The dishes are dedicated to the aesthetics, design and high quality of the ingredients. You will be served at your best.

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