The 5 most romantic restaurants of Avellino and province

A romantic dinner serves to celebrate an anniversary, or an important day for the couple. However, it may not be so: in every day, after all, we could celebrate love! To get it right, you need the right restaurant.

Where to have a romantic dinner in Avellino

If you are from Avellino and its surroundings, or you are in this location, and you are trying to do some clarity about its romantic restaurants, this article is definitely for you. We chose mixed restaurants, based on the varied tastes of all.

This means that you will find the elegant restaurant, yes, but also inns and trattorias, for those who prefer a more intimate and rustic ambience.

What are the most romantic restaurants in Avellino and surroundings?

  • Locanda della Luna: It is located in Via in the street of San Giorgio del Sannio. This inn is a perfect location for those who want to spend a wonderful evening at two. The food is great; A taste experimentation that leaves your mouth open. The place is taken care of in detail. The raw materials used for the preparation of the dishes are really spectacular. It is noted that many couples prefer to head here for Valentine's Day, for the proposed menu and the attention to the customer;
  • Morabianca: The environment is typically romantic. Here you can taste some wonderful fish dishes. If you are both fish lovers, you should definitely try their proposals. The service is courteous and attentive to meet every need of the customer. The kitchen is extremely cured; It is first of all the orecchiette made by hand. They have an excellent wine list, with which to delight the palate;

Would you like to enjoy the view from the Villa Regina or would you prefer the Cuoppo?

  • Villa Regina: The address is Via floors, Grottaminarda. We are in front of a spectacular place to say the least. It is one of the most romantic proposals we have selected for you. Here too, there are some really interesting fish proposals. The location is well kept, very manicured, but not the only good thing about choosing Villa reigns for a romantic dinner for two. Dining out implies satisfying even the palate, after all. You can delight yourself with fresh fish and stay ecstatic by the presentation of the dishes;
  • Marennà: It is located in Rowan Serpico, locality Cerza Grossa. We must be honest: This location has conquered us. The open space is perfect for a summer dinner, or for a moonlit walk, immersed in greenery. There is a swimming pool area with modern chairs and sofas. You can sip some red wine – fantastic wines list! -While admiring the landscape. The kitchen is very attentive in detail. Besides, with such a location, it could not be otherwise. is absolutely up to expectations;
  • The street of the taverns: it is located in via Teodoro Mommsen 11/13, on the Via Appia. So far we have listed very elegant restaurants, but could not miss a more rustic and familiar look. A place where you reward the abundance and the beautiful location, which puts everyone at ease and that spoils with mixed fried and excellent first. For a romantic dinner for two in the name of the fabulous Cuoppo!

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